Top London nightspot chooses National Flooring

commercial flooring resin top-london-nightspot-choses-nfA stylish new nightclub in London has called in Peterborough-based National Flooring to help with its refurbishment by installing a unique and innovative, yet extremely hardwearing flooring solution.

The nightclub, The Penthouse situated in Leicester Square, has recently been given a new lease of life by the Elysium group. Spread over three floors and boasting some of the best views in London, the club was in need of a flooring solution that was seamless and tough but could have a number of leading edge design finishes to match the décor in different areas of the club.

The solution saw Degafloor Flake, a resin-based floor that is both durable and innovative in terms of aesthetics, installed in key areas throughout the club. A biscuit coloured flake was used in the restaurant and bars whilst a striking orange flake (combined with silver) was used on the main dancefloor. In the bathrooms, two different pearlescent flake systems were used to create a glamorous feel, whilst the finish will also ensure slipping incidents are a thing of the past.

Matt Rawlinson, the interior designer with MRD Design responsible for The Penthouse, explained why Degafloor and National Flooring were the ideal choice for the project. He said: “National Flooring gave us a solution which provided the best of both worlds – the

practicalities of the Degafloor flooring system meant we had a new floor installed and ready for use in two hours, but also the slick, contemporary feel to the finishes meant we didn’t have to compromise on style.”

This unique flooring system from Degafloor is particularly suited to nightclubs and other leisure industry installations as chewing gum will not adhere to the surface, whilst it is also resistant to broken glass and cigarette burns. Because of these benefits, the floor will offer outstanding durability whilst remaining easy to clean, hygienic and safe.

National Flooring’s commercial director James Wright added: “We were delighted to be able to provide The Penthouse with a range of flooring finishes which met their demanding specification in terms of both aesthetics and performance. Our systems offer the leisure industry unique product benefits and an almost endless range of aesthetics and as a result, we expect to be working with more pubs, clubs and restaurants in the very near future.”