The perfect treatment for the NHS Foundation Trust

commercial flooring resin 69a-d8ac4651When the Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust decided to build a new psychiatric unit, the first of its kind in Norfolk, they turned to National Flooring for advice on durable and slip resistant, yet decorative floor finishes.


National Flooring met with Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust and KLH Architects to discuss their requirements for different areas within the unit.


The new state of the art purpose built facility, which is designed to improve the way in which people experience psychiatric intensive care, contains a 10-bed intensive care and 12-bed low secure unit. The single bedrooms, which have en-suite bathrooms, needed a durable and slip resistant floor finish to ensure that the safety of the patients is not compromised.


Having worked previously within similar environments, National Flooring recommended the Degafloor Flake System. The system, which can provide a highly decorative finish, is completely seamless and offers outstanding durability. The guaranteed bond to the sub floor also provides a tamper proof system, which can not be vandalised. An anti-slip finish was incorporated into the seal coat, to improve slip resistance, without affecting the aesthetics.


Aesthetics were high on the agenda for the new unit as all involved were looking to create a spa effect rather than a mental health ward. And the external courtyard gardens were designed exactly with this in mind. The Degafloor Stone Carpet was chosen in two harmonizing colours utilising lilac, black, silver and natural stone. National Flooring created patterns using stainless steel trims and installed the system using lighter and darker variations in contrast.


The system which is trowelled on, using a mix of quartz aggregates bound into a resin matrix, provides an extremely durable and UV stable solution, making it ideal for external applications. To ensure that the system remains slip resistant, even in wet conditions, an anti-slip finish was again incorporated into the seal coat.


National Flooring worked closely with Barnes Construction to ensure that the job was completed with minimal disruption and combined with the 2 hour cure time of theDegafloor products ensured that the installations were completed within short timescales.


Robert Forster, Estates Manager, Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust comments, “The various systems helped us solve some health and safety design issues and eliminate future maintenance concerns.”