The National Flooring Company sends pupils on holiday

c7cf6ce7-02c2-48a5-8f7b-23f702ddd0b7Every year The National Flooring Company donates money to a local organisation which has provided a service that helps to benefit the local community. Since 2011 the company has chosen to continue their support to the Phoenix School in Orton Goldhay, who take great pride in the quality of education and learning resources that they provide to the children of Peterborough.

The Phoenix school, rated outstanding by Ofsted, is a mixed day special school for children who have learning difficulties which may be severe or profound and multiple. The school opened in 2004 and caters for children aged between two and nineteen years of age. Due to financial constraints, the school is very reliant upon private sponsorship to help provide the latest resources and teaching equipment.

The National Flooring Company was initially made aware of the school by one of their Governors who explained the schools aims and achievements. The school’s continued commitment to developing their pupils by helping them to reach their full potential in both an educational and social setting is beyond commendable.

The school places a strong emphasis on educational visits and often organise trips to local places to help provide the students with a wide variety of experiences, all of which help with their educational and social development. The first donation made by The National Flooring Company in 2011 was used towards the purchase of a new minibus to transport the students and the following year the donation was used to help with the running costs of the vehicle.

The National Flooring Company recognised the benefits that were achieved through these donations and have continued to support the school. To further assist in the development of the students and to offer some respite for their families the school takes 15 pupils each year, starting in the spring term after Easter, to Kelling Heath where they hire lodges and caravans. Each holiday, which lasts from Monday to Friday, involves visits to local attractions and exploring on the beaches and is supported by the staff of the school who give their time willingly. The holidays are offered to all families irrespective of need, cultural background or disability. For most families, this might be the only respite they get and the sponsorship provided allows all pupils to be involved, regardless of financial situations.

Phil Pike, Head teacher at Phoenix School comments, “There is no disputing the fact without this invaluable support provided by The National Flooring Company we would not be in a position to run as many holiday weeks as we do, reaching and supporting as many families as we do allowing parents to re-charge their batteries. Holidays are so important for everyone’s emotional wellbeing and even more so for Phoenix children.”

Robert Brown, Managing Director of The National Flooring commented, “The work that the Phoenix School does for the children of Peterborough never ceases to amaze me. I have always been a strong advocate for supporting local organisations that make a difference within our community and this school is more than deserving of our support. I am thrilled that our donations can continue to help the good work that the school delivers in developing their students and supporting their families.”