Stepping in to the future of flooring… Reduced maintenance

IMG_3739resin flooring industrial flooringFloor finishes such as carpets, tiles and vinyl sheet are still being used in high footfall environments despite the frequent need for maintenance. Although first fit costs are lower, the costs associated with repair and maintenance makes these traditional finishes more expensive in the long term. Resin solutions provide the ideal alternative by enabling a seamless, durable floor with endless design possibilities.

What we can offer:

  • Contemporary bespoke floor finishes: Colours and patterns can be created to suit your requirements.
  • Seamless solutions that do not exhibit weak spots often associated with tiles, vinyl and carpet: Maintenance costs are significantly reduced.
  • Leading products that cure fully within 2 hours of installation: Fast and efficient installations with minimal disruption.
  • Exceptionally hardwearing flooring solutions: A long lasting solution for high footfall environments.
  • Outstanding bond to concrete, steel, tiles and marine ply combined with a unique chemical bond between layers: An extremely durable, monolithic solution.

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