Due to increasing customer demands, many sectors have extended their opening hours. This offers greater convenience to customers, but because the operating hours are now longer, refurbishment projects are often disregarded. This is due to potential loss of profits and the fear of losing customer loyalty.

The National Flooring Company has developed a range of services with the aim to help to minimise closure periods. Our process, which enables one single point of contact, ensures projects can be completed quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption.

Our experience and flexible working approach means that we can complete installations within extremely short timeframes. We have vast experience in refurbishment and regularly complete projects ranging from 30m2 up to 500m2 where we are required to remove the existing vinyl and latex, prepare the substrate and install the resin flooring solution within a specified time frame.

Depending on the extent of works required, refurbishment projects can be completed as fast as 24 hours.