Our range of services includes the specification and installation of high performance industrial and commercial resin flooring systems.  We provide solutions tailored to your exact requirements.

The National Flooring Company team is highly skilled, much respected and renowned for delivering impartial expert advice and the highest standards of workmanship, which means we can ensure the best outcome for the customer.

The National Flooring Company offers the following services:

With a wide selection of decorative flooring, hygienic finishes, hardwearing, and slip resistant solutions, we are able to cater for most commercial and industrial settings where longevity, safety, hygiene, and visual appeal are considered important.

Resin flooring is not always the cheapest option, so detailed planning, choosing the correct finish and adequate substrate preparation are critical in ensuring a successful installation.

How we work

We listen to your requirements, evaluate the sub-floor and the surrounding environment to understand the company’s operating processes. This enables us to make an informed decision on the most suitable product.

From initial enquiry through to installation we allocate a dedicated team of professionals who are responsible for supporting you prior to the installation and throughout the project. We liaise closely with all our clients throughout every stage and will ensure that effective communications are followed until the installation is complete and we are assured that our clients are fully satisfied.

In depth testing

We appreciate that ascertaining the extent of preparation cannot always be easily quantified from visually inspecting a surface. Therefore, we offer the option to undertake more investigative works where we can undertake core samples and conduct bond tests to provide you with a more detailed insight into how the installation will be undertaken. For industries with minimal shutdown periods this can be extremely helpful in determining the installation programme.

Specialist installation teams

All our site operatives are highly skilled resin flooring installers. They are all trained in the application of the resin flooring systems we provide and have many years of experience in delivering high performance flooring systems. Each installation is carefully monitored by our site foremen and contracts managers to deliver outstanding results with minimal disruption.

Where specialist trades are required, we will only use one of our specialist installation partners, all of whom have been individually assessed and monitored to help us maintain our efficient, high quality approach.