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Resin Flooring Services

Resin Flooring Services

Our range of resin flooring services includes the specification and installation of high-performance solutions for most commercial and industrial environments.

We can tailor our products to specific requirements and thus cater for a wide range of sectors and areas. The National Flooring installation teams are highly skilled and renowned for delivering expert advice and the highest standards of workmanship on any of our resin flooring services. Thus, our customers can always rest assured their projects are in safe hands. Additionally, since a lot of our products are fast curing, we can offer rapid installations to minimise disruption and downtime.

The National Flooring Company offers the following services:

We offer a wide selection of decorative flooring, hygienic finishes, hardwearing and slip resistant solutions. Therefore, we can cater for most environments and project requirements.

We can provide aesthetically pleasing commercial solutions for areas requiring striking visual appeal. We can also offer hardwearing products for demanding environments where longevity and durability are paramount.

Resin flooring is not always the cheapest option. Thus, to ensure a successful installation, it is critical to plan every detail. This includes choosing the correct finish and performing adequate substrate preparation.


We listen to your requirements and then evaluate the sub-floor and the surrounding environment. This enables us to recommend the most suitable product.

From initial enquiry through to installation we allocate a dedicated team of professionals to support you throughout the project. The teams liaise closely with their clients to ensure effective communications at every stage.


We appreciate it can be difficult to ascertain the extent of preparation from visually inspecting a surface. Therefore, we can offer a service to undertake more investigative works, including gathering core samples and conducting bond tests. This helps us to provide you with more detailed insight into how the installation will be undertaken. In-depth testing is helpful in determining the installation programme. Thus, it can be particularly helpful for industries with minimal shutdown periods.


All our resin flooring installers are fully trained in the application of the flooring systems we provide. They have many years of experience in delivering high-performance flooring systems. Therefore, we have the right resources to carefully monitor each installation and deliver outstanding results with minimal disruption.

Where there is a requirement for specialist trades, we will use our specialist installation partners, whom we have individually assessed. This means we can maintain our efficient, high-quality approach and ensure customer satisfaction with every project.

The National Flooring Company offers the following services: