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Commercial Kitchen Resin Flooring

Commercial kitchen flooring is subject to rigorous demands. Heavy foot traffic and extreme operating conditions mean that choosing the correct commercial kitchen floor is paramount.


How to choose the right type of commercial kitchen flooring?

Durability and safety are key factors when choosing the most suitable commercial kitchen flooring. Whilst vinyl floor finishes are often cheaper to install, they often fail at welded joints and seams, causing concerns over hygiene and safety. Tiled floor finishes present similar problems, and both incur costly ongoing repairs.

Epoxy flooring for kitchens provides an unsurpassed alternative within this environment. A resin floor offers exceptional durability and by creating a chemical bond to the substrate, the floor will not delaminate. The seamless floors create an impervious, monolithic finish which greatly improve hygiene standards by leaving no where for bacteria to breed.

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The systems we install offer excellent slip resistance even in wet conditions, ensuring your employees remain safe at all time.

We understand that time to refurbish commercial kitchens is limited and as such we have fast curing resin flooring solutions that are fully cured within just two hours of installation, minimising any closure periods.

We offer commercial kitchen flooring products that provide:

  • Exceptional durability
  • Quick curing underlay screeds and floors that can cure fully within just 2 hours of installation
  • Excellent slip resistance, even in wet / operating conditions
  • Seamless finishes to create an impervious finish for excellent hygiene and ease of maintenance
  • Exceptional bond to the substrate, reducing costly ongoing repairs

How we work

By working with top pub operators and food retailers for many years, we have gained vast experience in the specification and installation of commercial and industrial kitchen flooring for both new build and refurbishment projects. We cater for front and back of house areas and ensure the most suitable product is chosen for each area

Our flexible working approach means that we can compete installations within extremely short timeframes. We understand that closing your premises is not ideal and therefore we will work with you to select a suitable product and working programme that will have minimal disruption to your premises.

Many of our customers prefer the ease of working with one company to coordinate and project manage their schemes. Therefore, The National Flooring Company Ltd offers comprehensive turnkey solutions. As a result of this we can provide the following services, in addition to our resin flooring packages, to offer a seamless delivery and ensure projects are completed within specified timeframes.

  • Kitchen equipment removal and storage (for duration of the project)
  • Removal and replacement of defective floors / substrates
  • Fast curing repair products
  • Temporary kitchens
  • Drainage
  • Cleaning solutions


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