Schools are evolving and so is flooring

commercial flooring resin schools-are-evolvingWith the Building Schools for the Future initiative already underway, National Flooring is encouraging educational establishments and specifiers to consider the future of flooring, by exploring the possibilities that can be achieved with resin solutions.

The programme, which aims to transform educational establishments into inspirational and creative learning environments requires careful planning to ensure that the selected materials match the criteria of the scheme, producing creative yet sustainable environments.

Floor design is an integral part of this process and can be used to transform dull rooms into stimulating surroundings. Resin flooring provides outstanding flexibility in terms of design. Using different colour combinations it is possible to create floors that can be matched to existing finishes, such as vinyl or alternatively to produce a unique and innovative design. The flexibility of resin also provides the option to include shapes and patterns, which can be formed form stainless steel trims.

In addition to creativity, the scheme places emphasis on sustainability and the selection of materials needs to be prudently explored. Materials are often selected on a first fit cost basis with little consideration of lifetime maintenance costs. Durability is a key requirement in these demanding environments and materials should be selected on their longevity. Resin flooring offers the ideal solution by providing outstanding durability that cannot be equalled by more traditional finishes such as carpet and vinyl sheet. Typically laid between 3-5mm the system supplies a resilient finish. The seamless systems do not exhibit weak spots that can often occur at grouted joints or seams, therefore reducing the overall lifetime maintenance costs.

Anna Simpson marketing manager of National Flooring comments, “ We have already completed a number of projects for schools and colleges, some were selected for more practical reasons and some for the flexibility in design. Resin flooring provides the ideal solution to the Building Schools for the Future scheme and we would ask customers to explore their options more widely.”