Degafloor full broadcast system (FB) is a heavy-duty methyl methacrylate screed with an outstanding slip resistant finish. The texture of the system  is created through the broadcast of quartz aggregate and can be varied to suit individual requirements. 

Due to its exceptional hardwearing and slip resistant properties, this system is ideal for areas which are frequently exposed to liquids or other contaminants that cause a slippery surface. It is therefore the perfect choice for food manufacturing sites and commercial kitchens.

The highly slip resistant Degafloor full broadcast system (FB) offers many benefits, including:

  • Extremely hardwearing textured finish suitable for wet, oily, and contaminated areas
    Outstanding slip resistance that can be tailored to ensure the floor is always fit for purpose
  • Rapid installation based on ultra-fast two hour cure time
    Minimum downtime, rapid refurbishment, fast track new builds
  • High resistance to UV light, physical and chemical attack, and temperatures of up to 80°C
    Extreme durability and lasting performance even in the most challenging conditions
  • Totally seamless finishes without joints or grouts
    Exceptionally hygienic and easy to clean floor

There are 12 standard colours within our current range, although unique colours and colour mixes can be supplied on request.

Typical installation areas…

Food and drink production
Warehousing and distribution facilities
Manufacturing and engineering areas
Arenas and sports stadia
Commercial kitchens
Fire Stations

Images from a recent installation

The National Flooring Co - Fire station
The National Flooring Co