Degafloor freeflow flooring system (F) is a self-levelling flow applied system with a smooth finish, which can be pigmented to create a solid and stable colour.

We offer 19 standard colours within our current range, although alternative colours can also be sourced subject to notice.

In environments where enhanced slip resistance is a must, the Degafloor freeflow flooring system can be easily tailored by including additives within the final seal coats, which then provides the performance required without affecting aesthetics.

The bold Degafloor Freeflow System offers many benefits, including:

  • Rapid installation based on ultra fast two hour cure time
    Minimum downtime, rapid refurbishment, fast track new builds
  • High resistance to UV light, physical and chemical attack, and temperatures of up to 80°C
    Extreme durability and lasting performance even in the most challenging conditions
  • Totally seamless and completely impervious finish without pinholes or air bubbles
    Exceptionally hygienic and easy to clean
  • Flexible / elastic surface that is resistant to cracking and does not shrink
    Superior longevity
  • Vast array of decorative finishes available
    Can be used to create bold mono-colour patterns in a wide range of colours

Typical installation areas…

  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical production
  • Offices / public building
  • Engineering and manufacturing

Images from a recent installation