We offer a wide range of MMA resin flooring systems. The unique characteristic of methyl methacrylate finishes is their ultra-fast application and cure time even at temperatures as low as -30C.

MMA resins are highly customisable, durable and hygienic. Therefore, they are ideal for areas where speed of installation, longevity and safety are paramount.

They are also exceptionally flexible in terms of slip resistance. This makes them the perfect choice for environments where strict Health & Safety regulations must be observed at all times.

Additionally, they are available in an almost unlimited range of decorative finishes and because of that it is easy to match them to existing colour schemes and branding.

Our range of highly advanced MMA resins are supplied by Degafloor Ltd, a specialist distributor of fast curing resins. All Degafloor resins are sourced from Evonik Industries (Formerly Degussa AG) who are a leading manufacturer of bulk MMA resins and speciality acrylics, including Plexiglas®.

This means we can offer consistent quality, unrivalled technical expertise and total control over product integrity.


Typical Degafloor benefits include:

  • Ultra fast 2 hour cure time at temperatures down to -30°C
    Minimum downtime, rapid refurbishment, fast track new builds
  • Exceptional bond to most substrates including concrete, steel, tiles, other resins, asphalt and marine ply
    Ability to overlay existing floors resulting in minimal disruption and reduced costs
  • Ultra strong chemical bond between layers, creating a truly monolithic finish
    Outstanding durability can be easily refurbished and repaired
  • Outstanding slip resistance that can be tailored to project specific parameters
    Unrivalled levels of safety
  • Unrivalled range of decorative finishes
    Bespoke installations, matches to existing finishes
  • Seamless and impermeable
    Easy to clean, hygienic, outstanding durability
  • Flexible finishes that do not shrink
    Ideal for low-temperature installations and external installations – excellent resistance to cracking and weathering, better detailing, outstanding durability
  • Exceptional resistance to chemical and physical attack
    Outstanding durability in even the most demanding of environments
  • Highly resistant to UV light, weathering and temperatures up to 80°C
    Colour stable, can be installed outside, ideal for almost any environment
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