Quality Floor, Minimal Disruption

commercial flooring resin quality-floor-minimal-disruptionWith so much pressure being placed on companies to maximise output, the time years ago companies closed for two weeks at a time not so today, forty eight hours if you are lucky. At National Flooring we recognised that the materials we had used in the past, i.e. epoxy, polyurethane, polymers would not enable us to guarantee that a new floor could be cured totally, physically and chemically within the short time scale, and therefore chose to specialise in the installation of Degafloor MMA resins.

In collaboration with Degussa (without question the largest manufacturer of fast curing resins for flooring) Degafloor systems were developed. The Degafloor systems have a guaranteed physical and chemical cure of 2 hours ready for full use. Of course it is necessary to understand the needs of the client, our many years of installing floors in the food industry gave us access to the engineers who had to keep production lines moving. Continual research, development and client understanding ensures Degafloor systems are the best example of fast curing resin systems.

Managing Director of National Flooring, Robert Brown comments, “ After 40 years experience in the industry using every type of generic resin, I chose to specialise in the installation of MMA resins as I truly believe they provide valuable benefits to all industries. Our focus and experience on one product ensure that clients receive a quality floor with minimal disruption. With 65% of our business from repeat customers, I know we have the right product, contracting ability and post contract warranty”