A real shoe piece for designer label

commercial flooring resin DSCN0631-cc656b83-company flooringDue to continued expansion, high-end shoe manufacturer and retailer, Gina decided to relocate their facilities to larger premises and needed a suitable new company flooring solution. The shoe company has only two stores in the UK, but both are on London’s most iconic high-end retail streets. They required a new company flooring that’s hardwearing, high quality and impeccable floor finish to complement the company’s position in the marketplace.

The new factory not only provides a much larger production and warehouse facility but also includes the company’s design studio and client viewing areas. Gina made it clear from the onset that the project fit-out and new company flooring were to be designed to a very high standard. Following a number of consultations, it became apparent that a variety of solutions were required to suit the different settings within the building.

The former clothing warehouse, which totals over 3,000sqm, needed a complete renovation to transform the dismal and tired warehouse into a real showpiece. Within the main production and office areas, Gina was looking to create a light and minimalistic design. The client wanted the new company flooring finish to be primarily white but to integrate with the metallic overhead structure featured throughout the building. The Degafloor Flake system, an extremely hardwearing solution which offers exceptional flexibility in terms of aesthetics, was designed using a white base with grey and black flecks.

As the design process continued to develop the client advised that due to health and safety regulations, yellow walkways had to be incorporated into the design layout within the main production areas. The client expressed concerns that these would show a vast contrast to the white floor.  National Flooring offered a solution and it was agreed that yellow flecks would be incorporated into the main floor finish to help blend with the walkways and decrease the stark contrast. This bespoke level of service is what sets National flooring apart from other resin flooring installation companies, but it’s something we’re happy to do to make the project right for our clients and their requirements.

Gina had requested a seamless, smooth company flooring finish that would continue through to the offices and service corridors. The existing floor was covered with two coats of paint and needed additional floor preparation, which as a result uncovered a large number of bolt holes. To ensure the floor remained smooth it was essential that the bolt holes were ground down and filled before the application of the Degafloor Flake System.

The area, which totalled 2200sqm was installed in just three days, with 800sqm being completed each day. Due to the quick curing characteristics of the Degafloor products, it was possible to mark out the walkways and overcoat the Flake system with a pigmented seal coat the following day.

The client advised that forklift trucks would be operating in the warehouse area; as a result, National Flooring specified the Degafloor Quartz Trowelled system for the application of 800sqm. The system is a heavy-duty, hand trowel-applied company flooring finish which provides an orange peel texture.

From years of experience and with our Safe Contractor qualifications, National Flooring has developed a good understanding of health and safety requirements. Whilst the textured QT system provides some slip resistance in wet conditions it was suggested that the slip resistance should be enhanced by the roller shutter doors, where the floors are exposed to the elements. As agreed with Gina, the Degafloor Full Broadcast system was installed to 225sqm around this area. This system offers exceptional company flooring slip resistance, even in wet conditions, and can provide the company with reassurance that its employees will remain safe.

The entire installation was completed to match the client’s requirements and specifications of a high standard fit-out. This project has not only demonstrated National Flooring’s experience in resin flooring solutions, but also the commitment to quality and attention to detail. National Flooring worked in close conjunction with Gina and the main contractors throughout each stage of the project to ensure the flooring installation had minimal impact on the renovation programme.

Altan Kurdash, Owner of Gina commented, “As a family run business, the relocation of our premises and the refurbishment were a big step and had a great deal of personal importance. National Flooring proved to be extremely professional from start to finish and delivered everything that was promised. With little understanding of resin flooring systems we relied a great deal on National Flooring to help with the specification and ensure that the floors were fit for purpose. We are extremely happy with the standard of the floors and are proud to reveal our new factory to our customers and suppliers.”

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