National Flooring’s updated image hits the road

commercial flooring resin Picture 177-ddf042a2National Flooring, specialists in resin flooring solutions, has updated their image on the road with the introduction of new vans for their operatives and Contracts Managers. The vans were designed in line with National Flooring’s new branding and aim to increase awareness whilst on the move.


The existing vans began to look dull and did not match National Flooring’s new fresh image, which has been updated and improved over the last two years. As part of the company’s rebranding, literature has been developed and redesigned, along with a new website. To ensure continuity the new van designs had to involve elements of this branding as well as creating a more bold and vivid appearance on the road.


The company’s tag line, logo and contact details have been displayed on the sides and back of the vans to ensure they are visible from any angle. Bold reds were used to match the logo and to make the vans stand out, whilst giving them more character.


Anna Simpson, marketing manager comments ‘Over the last two years we have been updating the company’s image with new literature and a new website and it is refreshing to have new vans which can also reflect this. As the company continues to grow we are able to reflect our professionalism in all aspects of the business. They look fantastic and will hopefully enhance our company’s position in the industry as well as create a better presence on the road.”