National Flooring provides a secure solution

commercial flooring resin IMGP3958v1-bbd4effaA number of organisations throughout the UK are developing community based residential services to provide individuals with severe learning disabilities the opportunity to live independently. The individuals that live within these housing facilities often have complex restrictive behaviours that can include self-injury. To enable the residents to live within a safer environment the homes are continually assessed and adapted to suit the needs of each person. With traditional floor finishes proving unsuitable, The National Flooring Company has been providing a more suitable solution with resin.


Traditional floor finishes that are commonly used within a residential environment including vinyl, carpet and tiles do not chemically bond to the substrate and as a result can be easily removed. On a number of occasions The National Flooring Company has been approached by housing organisations and hospitals when the residents have continued to remove the floor coverings. This not only becomes costly but can also put the resident or others at risk.


The National Flooring Company specialise in the installation of MMA resin flooring solutions which are well known for their chemical bonding properties. The systems chemically bond to the substrate to create a secure floor that cannot be lifted without mechanical equipment. As part of the installations a coved skirting is applied to create a completely seamless and impervious floor that becomes tamper proof.


A common misconception with resin floors is that they are industrial and are therefore not very aesthetic. The National Flooring Company offer a bespoke sample making service allowing clients to create decorative and unique finishes that can be tailored to suit an individual’s requirements.


Installing a resin flooring solution not only helps to reduce maintenance costs but also provides a safe and secure environment.  The quick curing resins also ensure that installations can be completed quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption.


Anna Simpson, The National Flooring Company comments, “As a company we have worked clients within various industry sectors for over 10 years who have experienced similar problems. The problem with more traditional floor finishes is that they can be easily removed where as the resin flooring systems we provide are securely bonded to the floor and will remain secure for many years to come. In most cases the solution is simple and the works can be completed with minimal disruption.”


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