National Flooring gets silver

commercial flooring resin Press release photo-a5a41771With the environment becoming an ever increasingly hot topic, companies are being urged to consider their environmental impact and to look at ways of making their businesses more sustainable. The National Flooring Companyrecognises the importance of reducing the negative impacts of daily business activities and therefore decided to take a proactive approach and enrolled on to a local environmental initiative.

Investors in the Environment is a not for profit environmental accreditation scheme that was first established to help local businesses in Cambridgeshire. The charity, which was designed to help businesses save money and reduce their impact on the environment, has been a huge success and now runs in various different counties. They provide all the help, support, promotion and networking needed to get a business started and ensure they get recognition for their green efforts. Bronze, Silver and Green accreditations are awarded.

Achieving accreditation requires effort from all members within the company and therefore The National Flooring Company decided to start working towards the silver accreditation with the vision of making the company more environmentally efficient.

Working with the help of the Investors in the Environment team, Kelly the ‘Green Fairy’ and Anna the ‘Enviro Elf’ started making big changes around the office.

The company took part in the ‘Zero Waste Week’ Scheme along with help from sister company Degafloor with fantastic results.

A new recycling and waste management system has been put into action with the assistance of Virridor who tailored a package that would suit the needs of National Flooring, which included a large recycling skip.

A star chart was introduced and chocolate prizes were on offer to employees that were pushing the boundaries with environmental challenges and that went out of their way to help The National Flooring Company gain the silver accreditation.

The company also took part in ‘Wear it green day’ where all employees came to work wearing something green and provided a donation. These efforts raised £50 and were given to the East Anglia Children’s Hospice (EACH).

The National Flooring Company attended the IiE Awards 2013 in April and received the Silver accreditation with great big smiles on their faces and thoughts of saving the world one day at a time.

The company which has now committed to the environmental principals of its business operations is aiming to achieve the Green accreditation and continually improve on the company’s environmental sustainability. 

Anna Simpson, Marketing and Sales Manager comments, “Working towards an environmental initiative has been an important part of the company’s activities over the last year. The silver accreditation was our first step towards becoming a more sustainable business and we are now working towards the Green accreditation not only to benefit from the cost savings that are associated but to actively contribute towards the environment. Whilst the company has so far managed to reduce our paper consumption our main aim this year is to become a paperless office.”