National Flooring co-operates with Anglia Regional Co-op

commercial flooring resin co-op-marchAnglia Regional Co-Op has chosen National Flooring to install flooring at their brand new convenience store in March, Cambridgeshire, after experiencing problems with previous flooring solutions.

Durability, cost effectiveness, fast installation and aesthetics were all important factors that National Flooring was tasked with providing, and this led the company to specify a Degafloor flake resin flooring system.

This tough, seamless flooring from Degafloor was installed in the main retail area of the store, meaning aesthetics were just as important as being able to withstand heavy footfall on a daily basis.

Previous installations of terrazzo tiles at other Co-Op supermarkets had proven expensive and time consuming to lay. Anglia Regional Co-Op also found that tiled floors cracked easily, and matching replacement tiles was a difficult process.

But future maintenance of the Degafloor flooring system will not cause any such headaches. Even if the seamless floor should show signs of wear, it can be quickly and cost effectively refurbished or repaired in the colour of the original installation.

Andrew Dighton, Development and Property Services Manager for Anglia Regional Co-Op said: “We were looking for a low-maintenance, cost effective flooring solution which could be tailored to match our corporate colours. National Flooring provided us with a Degafloor Flake resin flooring system which is tough and looks great.

“The new store has only been open for a few weeks but we are really pleased with the result and will almost certainly be using National Flooring again for future installations.”

Another main benefit of having a Degafloor resin flooring system installed is that it cures in just two hours, meaning business need not be put on hold any longer than necessary, and the installation in March was completed in just two days.

James Wright, Commercial Director of Degafloor said: “The versatility of Degafloor flooring systems mean that they are suitable for a wide range of retail environments. The outstanding aesthetics of the flake system, combined with other properties such as durability and excellent slip resistance, make Degafloor ideal for supermarkets which see a great deal of footfall and so need reliable flooring which is safe and looks great.”