The leisure industry incorporates a wide variety of businesses and environments. We have a range of products both internal and external to suit most areas. 

Within this fast paced and demanding environment the window of opportunity to build or refurbish a venue or to refresh a design theme is often limited. We work with fast curing resin solutions and can adapt our working programme to suit your operational processes and trading hours.

Customers are often looking for unique, bespoke and striking designs in this highly competitive sector. Working directly with clients, architects and specifiers we have completed a large number of projects for pubs, nightclubs and entertainment venues.

The leisure industry can significantly benefit from the functional and aesthetic flexibility that our products and services provide. Our customers can create bespoke finishes that can be tailored to suit a specific design requirement and our experienced installation operatives can incorporate patterns and shapes in to the design if required.

To assist with the cleaning and maintenance of our floors we have developed a cleaning package.

Typical Installation Areas…

  • Nightclubs
  • Pubs and bars
  • Restaurants
  • Reception areas
  • Changing facilities
  • Sports stadiums
  • Hotels
  • Leisure facilities
  • External areas
  • Carparks

Service Benefits…

  • Flexible working programmes
  • Bespoke sample making service
  • Subfloor removal and preparation
  • Aftercare / Cleaning
  • Unique designs and patterns
  • Internal and external solutions
  • Comprehensive and informative consultations

Product Benefits…

  • Fast curing resin flooring solutions
  • Endless range of colour choices and finishes
  • Fast curing underlay screeds and repair
  • Seamless and easy to maintain floors
  • Excellent bond to the substrate
  • Adaptable slip resistant finishes
  • Outstanding durability


“National Flooring delivered an excellent service from start to finish and absolutely to the timescales we agreed. The Degafloor product exceeded our expectations in terms of quality and durability. I’ll be very happy to recommend this contractor to my industry peers”

Stuart Dobbie of The Breakfast Group

“We have used National Flooring for a number of years, they always work to high standards and in a professional manner. National Flooring are always efficient and work to tight deadlines to ensure we can achieve minimal disruption and impact on our guests.”

Gavin Riley Center Parcs