JJB resolves flooring issues thanks to National Flooring

commercial flooring resin JJB-025Sports and leisure giant JJB has called in industrial flooring specialist National Flooring to help combat flooring issues within their Soccer Dome facilities.

In existing Soccer Domes, leaks had appeared in wet showering and changing areas highlighting how sealants and grouting between tiles could not cope with the amount of water and footfall on a daily basis.

Vinyl flooring had also previously been used but despite the initial benefits of vinyl such as low installation costs and outstanding aesthetics it did not provide a long-term solution.

Key specification requirements set out by JJB meant that a new flooring solution had to be tough, come in a choice of colours and with a fast cure time to minimise disruption. And, thanks to National Flooring’s flexible approach, the company was able to solve JJB’s flooring problems by installing a Degafloor resin flooring system.

The system installed by National Flooring, Degafloor FB, is a seamless coating which can be applied to a wide variety of existing or new flooring surfaces to create a hard-wearing finish. Its properties also mean that it can withstand heavy footfall and water without breaking down, becoming slippery or leaking.

Martin Webster from Archer Architects who specified the product said: “The shower areas within existing Soccer Domes where tiled or vinyl finishes had been utilised, were not durable enough to cope with constant use. Our Client needed a hard-wearing product which keeps its robust properties despite heavy use, so the Degafloor system was definitely the best option.

“National Flooring installed the Degafloor FB resin flooring system to new-build projects at Blackburn and North Shields which provided great aesthetics as well as a water-proof finish.”

Martin continued: “The problem with health clubs is that surfaces have to cope not only with everyday dirt and grime, but also with human body residue – and this is difficult to clean from tiles, making showering areas more and more unhygienic over time. National Flooring provided us with a solution that is impervious and totally seamless, making it the safest and most hygienic option for wet areas.”

James Wright, Commercial Director of National Flooring commented: “We are delighted to be working with a company of the standing of JJB and applaud their pro- active approach to customer health and safety. The decision of JJB is indicative of a wider re-focusing by specifiers of solutions which remain ‘fit for purpose’ over the full life-cycle of the installation.”