Is your kitchen a safe environment?

commercial flooring resin Degadur commercial kitchen (re-scanned)-2102a22eKitchens can be a notoriously dangerous place where a slip or trip could have devastating, life changing effects. There are a number of different factors that can have an impact on the risk of slips and trips, including cleaning regimes and choice of footwear; however one of the most important is the floor finish.


Quite often a floor finish is chosen for the wrong reasons, with ease of cleaning at the forefront. Obviously an easy to maintain floor is the most desirable solution; however this should not be the deciding factor. From our experience, many people still like to use a mop and bucket. Regardless of the floor finish this is not an effective cleaning regime. The mop simply smears grease across the floor, without actually removing it and therefore not only increases the risk of a slip or trip but it does not effectively remove bacteria. Whatever floor is chosen an effective cleaning regime needs to be adopted.


Another point to note is that a slip resistant floor in dry conditions isn’t always slip resistant in wet / greasy conditions. We therefore urge customers to ask for slip results in a variety of conditions. Common kitchen floor finishes such as vinyl sheet and tiles are perfectly acceptable in dry conditions but often perform very badly in wet / greasy conditions.


Resin flooring solutions are becoming increasingly more popular within commercial kitchens due to their durability and outstanding slip resistance. As specialists in quick curing (MMA) resin flooring systems, National Flooring have completed kitchen installations for large hotel, retail and pub chains, including Burger King and IKEA.


The MMA resins chemically bond to the subfloor and are completely seamless, unlike vinyl sheet and tiles where grouted seams or joints can often breakaway resulting in regular maintenance or trip hazards.


With systems offering exceptional slip resistance in wet and even greasy conditions, they provide an ideal solution for companies trying to protect their employees from slips and trips.


A unique characteristic of MMA resins is their quick curing ability. Within just two hours the kitchen can be put back to full use. The systems can therefore be an ideal solution for any fast track building or refurbishments projects. Alternatively, with a flexible working programme, installations can be completed out of hours to ensure that there is no disruption to trading.


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