Degafloor® MMA Resin Flooring


Unrivalled experience in laying Degafloor® MMA flooring

The National Flooring Company install Degafloor MMA resin flooring. Degafloor MMA is fast curing, exceptionally hardwearing and and offers total flexibility for industrial and commercial environments.

One of the biggest benefits of installing Degafloor MMA is time; this resin flooring chemically cures in two hours throughout the year – even in temperatures as low as -30°c – meaning minimal downtime and minimal labour costs.

Each of the Degafloor MMA resin flooring systems are available in a range of decorative finishes: standard floor colours, non-standard bespoke floor colours and are easy to colour mix and customise to match company branding or an existing area.

Our range of highly advanced MMA resins are supplied by Degafloor Ltd, a specialist distributor of fast curing resins. All Degafloor resins are sourced from Rohm Ltd. (formerly Evonik Industries) who are a leading manufacturer of bulk MMA resins and speciality acrylics, including Plexiglas®.