Hygiene of High Importance

commercial flooring resin hygiene-of-high-importanceA food manufacturer that provides meals to the healthcare sector approached National Flooring when their existing floor finish failed and offered the risk of bacterial contamination. Due to the nature of the industry it was imperative that the highest hygiene standards were met.

As a result of high production the existing vinyl sheet was not proving to be durable enough and had split at the joints, leaving an ideal home for bacteria to breed. With hygiene being paramount, National Flooring provided the ideal solution by specifying the Degafloor FB system. The completely seamless and impervious system does not pinhole or pore, leaving nowhere for bacteria to breed.

Another problem that National Flooring were asked to face was the breakdown in production. The company work around the clock and therefore disruption to trade could have a serious impact. The Degafloor FB system cures fully 2 hours after installation, therefore when National Flooring were given a 48 hour window, they could be confident that the floors would be installed and ready for full use 2 hours after completion.  National Flooring proved their claims and provided a floor that offered the hygienic and slip resistant properties required, without interfering with production.

Robert Brown, Managing Director of National Flooring comments, “ From initial contact we knew we could provide a solution that solved all the requirements that were being asked of us. The Degafloor FB system provides the definitive solution for the food industry where hygiene, slip resistance and time are not negotiable. We pride ourselves on our expertise within the industry and use our knowledge and experience to ensure the floor we install is fit for purpose under production conditions.”