Hardwearing floors ready for use within just 2 hours!

Resin floors are well known for their durability, however most people do not realise that MMA floors can be fully trafficked after just 2 hours of installation. Most people also do not realise that fully trafficked means that whatever you plan to do in 2 weeks you can do after just 2 hours and yes that even means running a forklift truck over it!

Unlike other resin flooring systems, MMA resins will cure FULLY within 2 hours and at a range of temperatures. Polyurethane and Epoxy resins have different curing periods and can take up 7 days to achieve a full cure. They are also temperature dependant and therefore this can have an effect on their curing time.

As well as a range of MMA systems we can also provide a range of fast curing underlay screeds and repair mortars to ensure your flooring refurbishment can be completed with minimal disruption.

resin flooring Degafloor at Quick Dry Foods

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