Floors for Free

commercial flooring resin floors-for-freeRegent Inns has discovered there is no need to close their popular Walkabout bars and Jongleurs nightclubs whilst new floors are installed after choosing National Flooring to supply resin flooring to its bars and clubs across the UK.

The bar and nightclub chain called in National Flooring to help minimise the loss of revenue from being forced to close sites for up to five days to allow floors to be refurbished using products from pre-existing resin suppliers. Regent Inns also had a comprehensive range of additional needs that included durability, flexible aesthetics and excellent slip resistance.

Peterborough-based National Flooring, a specialist in industrial and commercial flooring, was able to meet all of Regent Inns requirements by specifying and installing Degafloor systems into these busy establishments. Each installation is completed overnight and, due to the unique two hour cure time of Degafloor, each site is able to re-open the following morning with a completely new floor.

James Wright, commercial director of National Flooring, said “We chose to specify Degafloor mainly due to the two hour cure time, but in addition, the systems remain slip resistant even when wet, important in nightclubs where drinks are frequently spilt. And thanks to the flooring’s durable properties, it can withstand broken glass, as well as being resistant to cigarette burns.”

Degafloor offer a wide range of systems, each being available in a vast range of decorative finishes, allowing bespoke solutions to be created without a significant impact on installation cost.

Chris Cotton, property development manager at Regent Inns, said: “We were able to have tailored colours for our flooring, meaning the finish looked professional and fitted in perfectly with the rest of the décor in our venues. So far we have had Degafloor resin flooring installed in our Liverpool, Sheffield, Bournemouth, Nottingham and Covent Garden outlets and are looking to install Degafloor systems in a number of other outlets.”

Chris continued: “Our Walkabout bars are the busiest pubs on the high street and we therefore had problems maintaining the floors at a reasonable standard. Our existing flooring could not withstand the volume of footfall in the venues, and so we also needed an extremely hard-wearing floor which is exactly what National Flooring provided. Our refurbished floors are now durable, easy to clean and anti-slip.”

James Wright added: “We are delighted to have been chosen by Regent Inns to supply so many of their venues with Degafloor resin flooring systems. It was essential that we provide extremely durable solutions that could be installed with minimal impact to normal trading hours. We achieved this by installing a Degafloor solution on a ‘disruption free’ overnight installation programme which, combined with the resulting revenue retention of not having to close the bar, means Regent Inns have effectively been able to upgrade their flooring for free.”