Flooring no problem for HMP Norwich

commercial flooring resin hmp-norwichWhen HMP Norwich needed to renew the flooring in its healthcare centre, estates manager Martin Hanson knew the specific requirements of such a floor were likely to be a challenge.

Having such an important area of the prison out of operation for a long period of time was impractical, so Martin needed a solution which minimised downtime whilst also being totally safe and hygienic.

And after a long and exhaustive search Martin settled on a unique Degafloor solution installed by partners National Flooring.

Martin explains: “Probably the most vital factor is time. If something is likely to take longer than a few days then we can’t do it, so the faster a floor can be down and ready to use, the better. In this case, installing a new floor within the healthcare centre was particularly specialist as it’s such a volatile area.

“Those considerations meant we needed something tough,” says Martin. “That led us to choose a Degafloor FB resin flooring system as it met all our requirements. And what really stood out was the two-hour cure time which meant the floor could be back in use just hours after installation.”

Martin also reported problems with flooding in the past, and this was another reason why Degafloor was right for the application, as the system is totally impermeable and resistant to fluid so will not allow water to seap through causing water damage.

“Overall, I’m really pleased with the quality and finish of the flooring,” concludes Martin. “It is exactly what we needed, with Degafloor managing to offer a suitable solution to each of the challenges facing us.”

Martin isn’t the only estates manager to have chosen Degafloor – HMYOI Huntercombe, HMP Doncaster, HMP Littlehey, HMP Nottingham and HMP Gloucester have also benefited from using Degafloor resin flooring systems.