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Floor screeding services

Cementitious and resin-based floor screeding services

The floor screed is vital to the overall finish and performance of the floor. Choosing a flooring company who can offer both floor screeding services in addition to floor laying can save both time and money, ensuring the compatibility of the products and a long lasting finish.

Different types of floor screeds

The National Flooring Company offer floor screeding services throughout the UK. We offer a range of both cementitious screeds and resin-based floor screeds, our experienced team will advise on the best fit products for each individual project.

The range of screeding products we offer are ideal for building up levels, levelling out imperfections in the existing floor and creating falls.

Choosing the best screed for you

The suitability of any screed relies on both the product and the installation. Therefore, dependant on the time available, temperature within the area and depths required, we can recommend a product that is best suited for the application.

Quick curing floor screeds

Where time is not a constraint, we can use cementitious screeds that take between 3-7 days to cure. For projects where time is critical, we can install Degafloor’s resin-based screeding products that cure in less than 2 hours.

Since we can include the screed and floor as one package, it can save time and money, significantly reducing the risk of failure.