Curing Times- Getting The Right Resin Floor For You

resin flooring  - Picture 001We use the table below to illustrate the differences between products, of course certain products are different but we are proud to say our “MMA” Installations are fully cured in JUST 2 hours.

Many of our clients have very tight schedules and often have other contractors or services needing access to the site / building to do their work.


  • Fire Station – Operational again that evening
  • Retail Store – Back up and trading in 24 hours
  • Food Production – Operational for the next shift
  • Kitchens – No interruptions to service

Below is a basic guide of curing times for the three main resin flooring types, however always check with manufacturers guidelines.


Always check the manufacturer’s instructions on curing times, please note that most will provide varying curing times for light traffic, full traffic & full chemical cure. Be aware that curing times can be affected by temperature.

Ensure your operating processes fall in line with the correct curing phase to avoid potential damage or failure.

Have a specific requirement about curing times? Then please ask experienced staff.

resin flooring  - 1 resin flooring  - Firestation - Heathfield1 resin flooring  - National Flooring Co Central Gurdwara 2 rev  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA