Complete resin floor installations within 24 hours

:: Installation requirements
As part of a refurbishment programme, it was decided that a popular Lincoln store needed to be updated. To minimise disruption to the local community it was fundamental that the renovation was completed within the shortest time possible; a 24-hour window was provided for the floor meaning a quick resin installation was required.

:: Why National Flooring?
Over the years National Flooring has seen a dramatic decline in the time available to complete renovation projects and as a result, has chosen to specialise in the installation of Degafloor MMA quick curing resin flooring systems which is the perfect material for quick resin installation works. The company has extensive experience in the retail sector and is therefore accustomed to working within tight schedules. The Degafloor Flake system, which was chosen for the project, is extremely hardwearing and provides a stylish finish that is fully cured within just two hours of installation.

The Degafloor Flake system is also seamless making it easy to maintain. The decorative finish, which is ideal for the retail industry, is available in a wide range of colours and can be created in a bespoke finish. National Flooring was able to match the floor finish from existing stores to ensure brand continuity was maintained.

As a part of the quick resin installation contract, National Flooring was required to remove the existing vinyl and carry out all substrate preparation, including the removal of the latex within the 24-hour period. The vinyl had previously been installed over ceramic tiles and due to the unique chemical bonding process of MMA resins, it was possible to install the Degafloor Flake system directly onto the tiles. To ensure no joints mirrored through a 2mm scrape coat was applied prior to the Degafloor Flake system being installed.

The quick resin installation, which totalled over 250sqm, commenced at 7am and was completed by 2am the following morning. Due to the quick curing characteristics of the floor, the remaining fit-out could commence that same morning, reducing the duration of the store closure and disruption to the local community. Beth Devlin, from D2 projects Ltd who is a consultant for Lincolnshire

Co-operative commented,

“We were impressed with the way National Flooring carried out this challenging project. They inspected the site well in advance so they were fully aware of any issues that may have occurred and even provided an advice sheet and contact details for the neighbours in the flats above should they have had any concerns. The workmanship and attitude of the workforce was first class”

Here is a Timelapse video of the installation.

Some pictures of the quick resin installation project:

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