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Creating a seamless finish between your floor and wall

MMA resins allow you to create a completely seamless and impervious finish between your floor and wall. The system, which chemically bonds to itself, provides a monolithic surface with no weak points making it extremely hardwearing and aesthetically pleasing.

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Seamlessly hygienic flooring solutions

Maintaining a sterile and hygienic flooring environment can often be hard to achieve. Unlike vinyl or tiled finishes, a resin hygienic flooring system is seamless and therefore offers a more sanitary solution. Floor finishes that have grouted joints or welded seams can often become hard to maintain and keep clean which increases the risk of […]

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National Flooring provides a secure solution

A number of organisations throughout the UK are developing community based residential services to provide individuals with severe learning disabilities the opportunity to live independently. The individuals that live within these housing facilities often have complex restrictive behaviours that can include self-injury. To enable the residents to live within a safer environment the homes are […]

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