Be At One Flooring Installation

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Be At One

Installation Requirements
With 31 bars currently located throughout the UK, Be at One offers city goers a chic and stylish cocktail venue.

The bars are located in busy city locations and frequently get a build-up of liquids behind the bar which cannot always be addressed until the end of the shift. As a result, the existing vinyl floors kept failing and therefore Be at One decided they needed to find a long term flooring solution that would fully tank the areas.

Why National Flooring
The Degafloor QT system which is installed with a coved skirting creates a flawless, and impervious finish which will hold any liquid spilt throughout the shift until it can be removed, without having any detrimental effect on the floor. The product cures fully within two hours of installation and therefore works can be completed with minimal disruption on either new developments or refurbishment projects.

The National Flooring Company offer a wide range of colours and therefore the client created a bespoke finish that was tailored to their needs and to fit in with the theme of their bars and existing décor.

Martin Scigulinsky from Be at One comments

“After using National Flooring on a couple of projects we decided we liked the Degafloor product and the ease of dealing with the
installation teams and how they work. The installations are always good and very slick, we will definitely be using them again”.