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An education in resin flooring…New College Stamford Project

new-college-stamford-feature-image-1In one of the more modernized areas of the small historical town of Stamford, Lincolnshire, New College Stamford offers education and training to over 2,000 students every year providing a huge range of courses to suit everyone – A Levels, vocational, part-time adult courses, apprenticeships, higher education and professional training for businesses tailored to both individuals and employers.

Having previously worked with Derbyshire based contractor Wildgoose Construction on many projects over the years, Wildgoose asked The National Flooring Company to assist with the resin floor finish required on the project. The project included a range of areas within the college all of which had varying requirements.

A seal system had already been specified for the teaching workshops. As a result, The National Flooring Company were able to install the Resdev Pumaseal PC system. The system which is a coloured polyurethane floor sealant can be used as a dust proofer and to add a coloured gloss finish to tired/dull concrete. Following strict Health & Safety regulations, line marking and stencils were also applied to demark walkways adding to the resin floor finishes used.

The client was experiencing difficulties refurbishing their current Granwood Flooring and was looking for a bold yet simple solution. To save on refurbishment costs the client did not want to remove the existing Granwood floor. The Degafloor range has an excellent bond to many different substrates however certain wooden floor finishes often contain solvents that can react with the resins. To avoid any potential complications, The National Flooring Company undertook several bond tests which successfully adhered to the floor. Subsequently, the Degafloor Freeflow system, a mono-colour resin floor finish, was proposed as a viable solution for the area. To ensure the client was happy with the selected resin flooring finishes they selected, a sample of the floor was laid as a trial which was then followed by the complete installation totalling 420m2.

Upon completion of the works, Simon Oak of Wildgoose Construction has said:

”Wildgoose Construction has worked with National Flooring on many contracts in the past, and always found them to offer a first-class product and service. At New College, Stamford, National Flooring advised on the best flooring solution for the operations being carried out in the new extension and carried out the work in a safe and timely manner. We will definitely be using National Flooring again”.