A welcoming reception

commercial flooring resin Linc CC-b535f1fa-reception area flooringWhen Lincolnshire County Council decided to move to new offices in Gainsborough they asked Trent Valley Construction to find a decorative hardwearing finish for the reception area flooring.

Having considered the benefits that a resin flooring solution could offer, Trent Valley Construction turned to National Flooring for advice on the most suitable reception area flooring around.

The Council were looking for an attractive, yet hardwearing reception area flooring with an attractive finish to welcome guests into their new premises. As a focal point of the new development, aesthetics played a key role and following an initial consultation, it became clear that the Degafloor Flake System would provide the ideal solution for their new reception area flooring.

The system, which offers enormous flexibility in terms of aesthetics, provided the Council with the opportunity to create an eye-catching design. The client chose a grey finish with black flakes and silver glitter to complement the surroundings.

The system, which is installed at a nominal thickness of 4mm, provides outstanding durability which is required in this high footfall area. The new reception area flooring is easy to clean and maintain, again making it the ideal solution for a reception area.

National Flooring were required to lay a polymer screed to level out the floor before installing the resin finish. Working with Trent valley Construction, National Flooring was able to complete the entire installation with minimal disruption to ensure that the development could progress within the limited timescales.

Anna Simpson, marketing manager at National Flooring states, “We were delighted to be chosen to complete this project for the Council. We know how important creating the right image is and we are always confident when aesthetics are top of the list. A resin floor offers outstanding durability and the Council can be reassured that they will have an easy to maintain floor for many years to come.”

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