A simply perfect solution for M&S

commercial flooring resin photo 5-3f6da6edFollowing a recent refurbishment and improvement scheme, Birmingham Airport now runs as a single terminal facility. To provide customers with a quality convenience shopping experience the airport decided to include the addition of M&S Simply Food. Following a successful installation at another London based airport, SSP UK Ltd turned to National Flooring for advice on the new development.


The development, which was fairly complex, required numerous meetings with the architects, main contractors and service providers to ensure that the installation was completed efficiently with minimal disruption to travellers.


The existing floor finishes used by the client were not providing the required durability and were often in need of maintenance. Having already installedDegafloor at a number of airports, SSP UK Ltd was confident that the resin floors would be resilient to the high footfall, demanding environment. The Degafloor range of MMA resins cure fully within just two hours of installation, reducing disruption and accelerating the speed of installation.


The Degafloor Flake system was chosen for the installation as it is ideally suited to a retail environment. The system offers exceptional flexibility in terms of aesthetics, allowing M&S Simply Food to match their existing floors. The black and orange seamless finish complements the surroundings and allowed M&S Simply Food to maintain their branded image. To meet the slip resistance standards set by BAA the system was tailored to provide a slightly textured finish, which when tested met the required values.


To avoid disruption to travellers it was critical that the installation was completed as efficiently as possible. The installation was carried out overnight between extremely short timescales from 12am to 5am during the airports quietest periods. A specialised ventilation system was set up to ensure a positive air flow pressure removed the odour from the resins out of the airport.


Anna Simpson, of National Flooring commented, “The planning, organisation and implementation of projects within airport facilities is quite often demanding and is crucial to ensuring a successful installation with minimal disruption. It was a pleasure to work in close conjunction with all parties involved on this project to provide an attractive, hardwearing flooring solution that matched all the requirements set out in the planning phase.”


Mike Coe, Projects Director for SSP UK Ltd comments, “We have worked with National Flooring on a number of projects and always find them extremely helpful and professional. Working in an environment that operates 24/7 we have very stringent regulations and exceptionally tight deadlines. National Flooring always plan and execute each installation to the highest of standards with minimal disruption. As a result we get excellent hardwearing floors that are tailored to specific design requirements.”

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