A perfect match

commercial flooring resin for resin flooring solutionMany retailers are now finding that a resin flooring solution may be the perfect match for their requirements, whereas traditionally they might have used ceramic or terrazzo tiles due to the timeless aesthetic effect. However, after time these tiles and their grouted joints can become unsightly and can also act as a weak spot, often requiring frequent maintenance.

With the help of the Degafloor Flake System, National Flooring has been providing retailers with a seamless and highly durable resin flooring solution that can be matched to the existing tiles.

Due to the processes involved with laying tiles, the time to complete a tile installation can be laborious (meaning your space is out of action during the installation process). With a resin flooring system, the installation can be completed rapidly.

The reason why National Flooring highly recommend the Degafloor Flake System is based on its MMA resin properties, and the fact that it can be fully cured within just 2 hours of installation. These quick curing resins provide an ideal solution for retailers who have minimal downtime. Installations can be completed out of trading hours and the store can resume as normal the following day (please always check resin flooring solution quotes from other suppliers to see if they’ve mentioned this ‘out of office hours’ installation cost as noted in our quotation guide).

All Degafloor resins are MMA based and therefore have a unique chemical bonding process. This process ensures that a chemical bond occurs between the floor and the substrate reducing the possibility of delamination and therefore maintenance costs. This bond also proves useful allowing customers to overcoat their existing floors, or resin system in years to come when a refurbishment or change of aesthetics is required.

The Degafloor Flake system can also be used to match other floor finishes, including vinyl. The aesthetic flexibility of this system is vast and retailers can create bespoke finishes tailored to suit even the most demanding of requirements.

Only a handful of resin flooring solution installers are approved to work with Degafloor products, and we’re proud to say that National Flooring is one of them.

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