10 things to check on your flooring quotes

photo-7--edited resin flooring industrial flooring-resin flooring quoteAre you thinking about flooring for your project and needed a resin flooring quote? If so, this page is a must-read to help you avoid any pitfalls and traps:

Over the last few weeks, we have highlighted different topics that are often misunderstood with regard to resin flooring systems. Here is a reminder of the things to look out for in your resin flooring quotes.

  1. How long will the floor take to cure?
  • Different resin flooring systems have different curing times (which are often temperature dependant) and these vary in relation to the trafficking ability. Always check that your operational processes are suitable within the defined parameters of each stage.
  1. Does the slip resistance of the system specified correlate to production conditions?
  • Most suppliers and providers of resin flooring quotes will provide slip test data in dry conditions but not in wet!
  1. Is the floor system specified suitable for your environment?
  • There is a wide range of flooring systems that vary in thickness, ask the supplier the life expectancy of the floor under operating conditions. Ask for datasheets.
  1. How long will the floor installation take?
  • Always ask for the installer to advise on the installation programme to enable you to work around production / operating procedures. Ensure to look for curing conditions against temperature.
  1. Does the resin flooring quote reflect the correct installation period? i.e Days, Nights, Weekends?
  • Always check how the work has been priced. It may have been priced for standard daytime working with an extra over for night or weekend working.
  1. Does the resin flooring quote reflect the work required?
  • Qualify any extra over prices to ensure you are getting what you require and are expecting.
  1. Always check the terms and conditions to ascertain what has and hasn’t been included within the quotation.
  1. Does the resin flooring quote state the substrate requirements?
  • New screeds / concrete bases will vary in curing times. The flooring contractor will need to ensure the compressive strength and moisture content are sufficient to guarantee a bond and validate the warranty.
  1. Ask to see a draft warranty to ensure you are clear about what is and what isn’t covered within the contract.
  1. Ask for client references!
  • It’s always worth seeing what work they’ve done before and reviewing to review if the standard matches your requirements, or if they have experience in your sector.

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