Refurbishment project?

Increasing consumer demands have led to longer opening hours for many sectors and as a result refurbishment projects are often disregarded due to loss of profits and fear of losing customer loyalty.

As well as specialising in fast curing resin flooring solutions and underlay / repair screeds, The National Flooring Company has developed a range of services to help support and minimise closure periods. Our process which enables one single point of contact ensures projects can be completed quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption.

Our experience and flexible working approach means that we can complete installations within extremely short timeframes. We have vast experience in the refurbishment of premises and regularly complete projects ranging from 30m2 up to 500m2 where we are required to remove the existing vinyl and latex, prepare the substrate and install the resin flooring solution within a specified time frame. *

Due to the fast curing nature of the MMA products we install the area is ready to be fitted out within just 2 hours.

Within our installation package we offer:

  • Removal and reinstatement of catering equipment
  • Removal of existing / defective floor finishes
  • Overlaying of existing floor finishes

(The products we install will bond to concrete, tiles, WBP marine ply, steel and resins providing they are in a suitable condition)

  • Subfloor preparation
  • Reinstatement of subfloor products

(including, fast curing underlay screeds, quick cure concrete repair mortars and installation of WBP hardwood marine ply)

  • Improving weak and damaged substrates
    • Products that can improve compressive strength and surface hardness.
    • Stabilisation of cracks up to 3mm in width
  • Installation of quick curing resin floor finishes
  • Flexible working programmes

(Weekend, night or back to back shift working where required)

* Depending on the extent of works required refurbishment projects can be completed within a 24 hour period.

In our business Health and Safety standards are paramount and we prioritise our responsibility to protect our employees and customers. We always endeavour to highlight possible risks before and during projects and continually review our health and safety performance through onsite inspections to ensure our high standards are maintained.

As a part of our obligation to compliance of Health and Safety standards we are registered members of the SSIP scheme, Safecontractor and Constructionline.

As a part of our ongoing commitment and to support our local community, The National Flooring Company is registered with the local environmental scheme Investors in the Environment and has achieved the Green status.

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