Sport Stadia and Arenas

Typical installation areas…
Concourses and stairways
Changing rooms
Club shops
Kitchen and food preparation areas
Bars and restaurants
WC facilities
Car parks

Service benefits:

  • Flexible working programmes
  • Bespoke sample making service
  • On site slip testing
  • Aftercare / Cleaning  Solutions
  • Unique designs and patterns
  • Internal and external solutions
  • Comprehensive and informative consultations

Product benefits:

  • Fast curing resin flooring solutions
  • Endless range of colour choices and finishes
  • Excellent slip resistance for external areas
  • Seamless and easy to maintain floors
  • Excellent bond to the substrate
  • UV resistant finishes
  • Outstanding durability

Spectator safety is paramount particularly on external surfaces where inclement weather conditions can cause devastating incidents. When choosing a suitable floor finish for external use it is essential to consider the system’s durability and resistance to weathering and also the slip resistance of the floor under wet conditions.

With a proven record of working in sports stadia, we have the experience and the competence to specify and install the ideal flooring solution, whether it is internal or external.

With a flexible range of colour variations, it is possible to produce a safe environment, whilst helping to complement the clubs image for areas such as concourses, stairways, changing rooms, bar and hospitality suites. The resins that we install are suitable for external installations and will not discolour over time.

Cleaning Packages:

To achieve a slip resistant finish the floor must be textured and therefore the cleaning regime must be adapted to suit. Working with our clients we have developed a cleaning package that can be used in conjunction with our floors to aid the maintenance and longevity of your floor. For further details on our commercial flooring cleaning package please click here.

fb-resin-floor-examplesProducts That Suit Sports Stadia and Arenas

Degafloor FB System
Degafloor QTA System
Degafloor QT System
Degafloor Stone Carpet
Degafloor Flake System


Here are just a few pictues from Installations we have completed

Case Studies:

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