Typical installation areas…
Reception areas
Libraries / resource centres
Leisure facilties
WC blocks
Perfoming arts centres
Student Union buildings
External paths and walkways

Service benefits:

  • Flexible working programmes
  • Bespoke sample making service
  • Subfloor removal and preparation
  • Aftercare / Cleaning
  • Unique designs and patterns
  • Internal and external solutions
  • Comprehensive and informative consultations

Product benefits:

  • Fast curing resin flooring solutions
  • Endless range of colour choices and finishes
  • Fast curing underlay screeds and repair
  • Seamless and easy to maintain floors
  • Excellent bond to the substrate
  • Adaptable slip resistant finishes
  • Outstanding durability

Floor design is an integral part in any new build or refurbishment project and can be used to transform dull rooms into stimulating surroundings. Resin flooring provides outstanding flexibility in terms of design; bespoke floor finishes can be created with colour combinations and patterns tailored to suit requirements.

Resin flooring also provides a sustainable solution by offering outstanding durability, which in turn increases longevity, resulting in lower maintenance costs and reduced frequency of replacement.

Products That Suit Education

Degafloor Flake System
Degafloor F System
Altro Flexiflow
Altroflow PUM
Degafloor FB System
Degafloor QTA System
Degafloor QT System
Degafloor Stone Carpet


Here are just a few pictues from Installations we have completed


“The Degafloor system provides a very durable and attractive floor that enhances the appearance of the College environment.  National Flooring has been very responsive, reacting and adhering to tight dead lines.  Floors in key areas have been laid out of normal hours minimising disruption in a busy College.  The high quality, hard wearing floors are more easily cleaned than other alternatives.”

Gary Wentworth from Arthur Mellows Village College

Case Studies:

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