Product Range Overview

A clear objective…
We offer a range of high performance flooring products and underlay screeds to enable us to provide a package solution for any industrial or commercial environment.

We believe it is essential to create strong communications with our suppliers to build and maintain relationships that deliver true value for everyone involved. We work in partnership with our suppliers to continually improve and develop products. In doing so we can guarantee quality assured products and a service that can be relied upon.

Although we have carefully selected the suppliers that we choose to work with we can offer products that will suit almost any application whether this is internal or external.
Our product range has been designed to incorporate a fully integrated flooring package from concrete repairs, underlay screeds, drainage to the resin flooring systems. Offering the complete package ensures we have total responsibility and reduces the risk of failure or delays.

MMA Flooring Range:
MMA, otherwise known as Methyl Methacrylate, is a fast curing resin that can be fully trafficked within just 2 hours of installation. The MMA resin flooring systems are extremely durable and offer the ideal solution for industries with small shutdown windows. The Degafloor range we provide offers a versatile solution to any industrial or commercial application.

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Polyurethane Flooring Range:
Polyurethane resin flooring systems offer exceptional durability and are ideally suited to industrial applications. They provide higher levels of temperature resistance and are resilient to environments where solvents are used. The Altro range we provide offer different systems at varying levels of thickness to suit the surrounding environment.

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Concrete Repair and underlay screeds:
The National Flooring Company Ltd can supply and install fast curing underlay screeds that provide a cost effective solution for uneven or damaged floors requiring an infill or an underlay to form falls. We offer a range of solutions from a 3 day curing screed to a 2 hour curing screed to suit your programme requirements. We can also supply concrete repair packs.

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Complementary products:
Our products and services have developed over the years to suit our clients requirements. As part of this development we can now incorporate the removal of existing substrates, the renewal of WBP ply substrates as well as the removal and reinstatement of equipment. We can also provide stainless steel drainage solutions amongst a range of other products that are often used alongside a resin flooring installation.

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