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Typical installation areas…
Car parks
Loading bays
Maintenance yards / hangars

Degafloor® CP System: Car Parks

Degafloor’s car park system range is manufactured from technically advanced methyl methacrylate resin, the cold applied systems offer exceptional durability, flexibility and resistance to extreme operating conditions.

The unique combination of superior performance, longevity and ease of application makes Degafloor car park decking the perfect choice for car park waterproofing, repair, and refurbishment to extend the life of all car parking environments, including multistorey, top deck, ground level open air, and basement car parks

To ensure that optimised performance is delivered within each area of a car park, a 4 system approach has been developed:

Degafloor CP – our standard system provides industry leading performance and is ideal for intermediate decks (of multi storey car parks), open air car parks and all other loading bay / general parking areas.

Degafloor CP ID – designed specifically for intermediate decks of multi-storey car parks, this system creates a durable, yet ultra cost effective solution that protects users, their vehicles and the concrete structure.

Degafloor CP HD – a heavy duty system designed specifically to handle the unique demands of ramps and turning circles where enhanced grip is required and where ‘wheel scrubbing’ can result in failure of standard systems.

Degafloor CP TD – designed specifically for top decks of multi-storey car parks, this system creates a flexible waterproof membrane to guard against water ingress that can result in the decline of concrete structures.

Degafloor resin car parking solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Fully cured within 1hr at temperatures down to -10°C
    Rapid installation and easy refurbishment possible all year round, minimal disruption
  • Resistant to UV light and weathering
    Crack free performance and colour stability
  • Strong bond to concrete and asphalt substrates
    Superior longevity
  • Exceptional skid resistance that can be tailored
    Safe for users
  • Excellent chemical and road salt resistance
    Unbeatable performance even in challenging conditions
  • Superb thermal stability
    No softening / degradation during summer months, flexible in winter months

Images from a recent Installation

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