Concrete repair and cementitious floor screeds


We understand that many of our clients require underlay screeds to either build up levels or create falls. To guarantee the longevity of a floor it is essential that the underlay screed is compatible with the resin flooring system and at a minimum the floor must have the required compressive strength and moisture content that is advised by the resin supplier. We would always recommend that the underlay screed is tested for compatibility with the resin flooring system.

pothole concrete repair roads 03We are able to offer a range of screeds that are compatible with the resin flooring solutions we provide. Where time is not a restraint we offer screeds that can take between 3-7 days to cure. For projects where time is critical we can install fast curing screeds that will take up 2 hours to cure.

Whilst we can provide a list of suitable screeds it is important that the suppliers application methods are followed as any variations can cause problems with the bond to the resin flooring system . To remove this risk we can install the screeds as part of our flooring package.

For a list of approved and tested products please contact us on 01778 343670.

Concrete Repair:

With refurbishment projects it is common that the existing concrete floor will need small repairs. We can provide a quick curing repair product that can be installed up to 300mm in depth with no detrimental effect on the installation programme.

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