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Ultrafast Commercial Kitchen Installation 1 min

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

An education in resin flooring…New College Stamford Project

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

new-college-stamford-feature-image-1In one of the more modernized areas of the small historical town of Stamford, Lincolnshire, New College Stamford offers education and training to over 2,000 students every year providing a huge range of courses to suit everyone – A Levels, vocational, part-time adult courses, apprenticeships, higher education and professional training for businesses tailored to both individuals and employers.

Having previously worked with Derbyshire based contractor Wildgoose Construction on many projects over the years, Wildgoose asked The National Flooring Company to assist with the resin floor finishes required on the project. The project included a range of areas within the college all of which had varying requirements.

A seal system had already been specified for the teaching workshops. As a result, The National Flooring Company were able to install the Resdev Pumaseal PC system. The system which is a coloured polyurethane floor sealant can be used as a dustproofer and to add a coloured gloss finish to tired / dull concrete. Following strict Health & Safety regulations, line marking and stencils were also applied to demark walkways.

The client was experiencing difficulties refurbishing their current Granwood Flooring and was looking for a bold yet simple solution. To save on refurbishment costs the client did not want to remove the existing Granwood floor. The Degafloor range has an excellent bond to many different substrates however certain wooden floor finishes often contain solvents which can react with the resins. To avoid any potential complications, The National Flooring Company undertook several bond tests which successfully adhered to the floor. Subsequently, the Degafloor Freeflow system, a monocolour finish, was proposed as a viable solution for the area. To ensure the client was happy with the decision a sample of the floor was laid as a trial which was then followed by the complete installation totalling 420m2.

Simon Oak of Wildgoose Construction” Wildgoose Construction have worked with National Flooring on many contracts in the past, and always found them to offer a first class product and service. At New College, Stamford, National Flooring advised on the best flooring solution for the operations being carried out in the new extension, and carried out the work in a safe and timely manner. We will definitely be using National Flooring again”.

A safer surface to walk on – Slip resistant floor finishes

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

long_eaton_fire_station_16According to the HSE, slips and trips are the most common cause of injury in the workplace and the most reported injury to members of the public. It is therefore imperative that companies take the appropriate steps to control and reduce these risks to employees and customers.

It is important to assess the risk of your premises and decide what control measures need to be in place to prevent accidents. The elements that often contribute to slips are; flooring type, environment, footwear, contamination and cleaning.

We recognise the importance of protecting our customers and as a result offer:

  • Tailored slip resistant floor finishes
  • Cleaning packages and advice
  • Onsite slip testing service
  • Experienced technical support

Choosing the correct floor finish for your evironment is imperative, however It is even more important to consider this slip resistance under production conditions, something that is often overlooked. The surface texture of a floor can help to reduce the risk of slips and we provide a range of systems that can be tailored to suit the degree of slip resistance required. Our technical sales team can provide support and assitance when choosing the correct floor finish.

We also recognise that no matter what type of floor finish you have the correct cleaning and maintenance regime is required to sustain the degree of slip resistance. Through years of experince and working closley with our customers we have developed cleaning packages that can assist with the maintenance of your floor. A common misconception is that floors that are rough in texture cannot be cleaned. With the correct cleaning equipment any floor can be cleaned and we provide our clients with a simple and easy to follow cleaning demonstration.

If you have concerns regarding any of your floors we can undertake onsite slip testing. We use a Slip Alert machine that will quickly and effieciently assess whether the floor offers adequate slip resistance in both dry and wet conditions.

No time to shut down? – Rapid Floor Installations

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

DSCN0286 resin flooring industrial flooringNo time to shut down? – Rapid Floor Installations

  • Complete floor installations completed within 24 hours
  • Reduced refurbishment programmes
  • Within 2 hours of installation retail fit out can commence
  • Flexible working programmes to minimise downtime
  • Proficient & experienced installation teams

At the National Flooring Company we regularly undertake retail refurbishments within 24 hours and are therefore competent to provide high quality resin floor installations within a short closure period.

The resins we install are fully cured within 2 hours, which allows the shop fit out to continue shortly after, reducing the overall refurbishment programme.

For further details call us on 01778 343670

IMG_3760 resin flooring industrial flooring

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADSC_0061a resin flooring industrial flooring

Slip Resistance – Getting The Right Resin Floor For You

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Different resin floors have different degrees of slip resistance, you need to fully research what is right for you.

The slip resistance of a floor should ALWAYS be measured under production conditions.  Most floors offer good slip resistance in dry conditions therefore it is easy for suppliers to provide acceptable results.

There are a number of test methods used to determine slip resistance, the Pendulum test is most common. This method measures the coefficient of friction and relates to a PTV value, anything >40 is low risk of slip.

Another method is the German Ramp Test method which produces an R rating. The rating scale can be confusing and can often lead to misinterpretation and coincidently the wrong specification. The scale runs from R9-R13, with R9 being the most slippery of floor surfaces. The misconception is that the scale runs from R1 and therefore in some Cases R9 is specified as a slip resistant floor, however this is not the case.

A few questions you should think about asking before deciding which system to install:

Q: Can the flooring suppliers provide slip test data?
Q: Are these results tested in wet and dry conditions?
Q: Have these tests been undertaken with different footwear sole materials?
Q: Do the results provide adequate readings under your production conditions?

The Complete Package

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Exceptional quality flooring and customer service from start to finish.

  • Screeding
  • Drainage
  • Cleaning Demonstrations & Equipment
  • Post Installation Support
  • Complimentary on site slip testing

Right from the start The National Flooring Company will take control of your flooring installation, whether that includes screeding works, drainage or bunding or you are just in need of a new floor.

We will offer support throughout the installation as well as any assistance you may need once the floor has been installed, including cleaning equipment and demonstrations.

The Complete Flooring Packages For The Food Industry – June 2015

Monday, June 8th, 2015

Industrial resin flooring Drains 2 edit:: Installation requirements
The existing factory floor was a mixture of MMA and Epoxy resin which was breaking up and not working efficiently flowing to the drains. The client was looking to create adequate falls with an anti slip finish. The floor had to provide outstanding durability to withstand the busy production environments. As a food production facility the installation had to be completed within tight timescales to reduce impact on production.

:: Why National Flooring?
The project which included the preparation of the existing floor, the installation of underlay screeds, drainage and a resin floor required good project management to ensure that works could be completed efficiently within short time schedules. National Flooring’s systematic structure and experience gave the client the confidence that the works could be completed to high standards of both service and workmanship.

The area which totalled over 1500sqm was completed over two different areas in the factory and included a vast amount of preparation work and the installation of fast curing underlay screeds to meet the client’s expectations and provide an environment that matched their
working requirements. Once the drains had been back filled and the falls created the resin finish could be applied. A trowel applied system was laid and scattered with aggregates to provide an anti slip finish.

All installations had to be completed over weekends to avoid disruption to the company’s production processes, therefore all products used were fast curing to ensure that operations could resume the following Monday.

The Company’s Project Manager commented, “National Flooring was commissioned to lay 1536 m2 of flooring and new drains within the main packing hall and dispatch areas. This presented major problems as we wanted to continue processing leaving only Saturday evenings and Sundays to carry out the works, after agreeing a work schedule tailor made to suit our processing times the work commenced. National Flooring managed the project excellently to ensure that timescales were met and that the plant could continue processing at 05:00am on the Monday, the flooring and drainage has been laid to a good standard.”

Industrial resin flooring 0853edit Industrial resin flooring 0885 editedjpeg Industrial resin flooring 0881 edit Industrial resin flooring 0869edit

Seamless, hygienic flooring solutions for food manufacturers – Tayto

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

crispsInstallation requirements
Tayto Group Limited manufactures a vast range of crisps and snacks and due to continual growth has now become the country’s biggest British-owned crisp and snack manufacturer. The company’s expansion and the purchase of new machinery meant that production workload at the Corby factory was increased and as a result Tayto Group Limited required a whole new production area.

Tayto Group Limited had traditionally been using vinyl flooring solutions; however as within any food production facility, pallet trucks are in frequent use and were continuously rolling over the joints in the existing vinyl sheet which was causing the seams to split. As well as the frequent maintenance repairs that were required this also posed as a potential trip hazard and hygiene risk.

Why National Flooring?
After working with The National Flooring Company on previous flooring installations Tayto Group asked for their knowledgeable advice for the correct specification of the new factory and mezzanine floor.

Following meetings and consultations between The National Flooring Company, Tayto and their factory maintenance company Interkey, who were overseeing the whole project, it was decided that the best solution for the mezzanine was the 4mm QTA system in Russet Red, due to its durable and slip resistant finish. Oils are used within the area and therefore the floor needs to retain the slip resistant finish in production conditions.

Following a remodel of the existing building, Tayto Group also made the decision to refurbish the factory floor with a similar system to provide adequate slip resistance and to match the mezzanine floor.

The National Flooring Company has worked extensively in the food manufacturing industry and understands the difficulties and complications that can arise if an installation is not efficiently planned and managed. The whole project, which totalled over 600m2, needed to be planned with precision. A programme was devised for the works to be completed over a number of instalments with each stage being meticulously controlled to ensure the client and other trades experienced minimal disruption to their daily operations.

Paul McDonald, purchase ledger manager of Tayto comments: “National Flooring installed their latest floor technology in a section of our Golden Wonder facility in Corby where we were introducing state-of-the-art, hand-fried machinery to produce our REAL crisp range. The job was completed on time and to an exemplary standard and our overall experience of working with National Flooring was very positive. Our project manager was always on hand to answer any questions we had and we are very pleased with the finished job”.

Pictures from the Installation 

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