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National Flooring gets cosy with popular local hotel

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

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Situated in the idyllic County of Rutland, Barnsdale Lodge Hotel has been featured in the Sunday Telegraph’s ‘Fifty of Britain’s Cosiest Hotels’ as a popular choice for short stays as well as a serene wedding/party venue.

Steeped in over 250 years of history, Barnsdale Lodge Hotel offers a taste of country living at its very best. Located in the heart of the rolling English countryside and surrounded by Rutland Water Reservoir, the hotel is a tranquil rural haven, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Offering exquisite culinary delights, ranging from a la carte dinner menus and afternoon teas the executive head chef and team are busy and constantly on the move, therefore needing a fully functional, hard wearing non-slip floor.

Their existing quarry tiled floor was in need of an update and the client felt that the slip resistance wasn’t up to industry standards, therefore The National Flooring Company were asked by Ed Burrows, Managing Director to come up with an ideal solution that would work for them.

As a popular hotel and wedding venue, the demands on the kitchen are high and therefore the client was in need of a product that would minimise the downtime of the staff and cause as little disruption to them and their serving times. Following in-depth discussions, it was agreed that the installation would be undertaken over two back to back shifts meaning that the kitchen would only have to close for one day and one night. As part of the installation package The National Flooring Company disconnected, removed and stored all kitchen equipment; reconnecting upon completion.

To maximise the slip resistance of the floor the Degafloor FB system was chosen. The system which is a heavy-duty methyl methacrylate screed provides an outstanding slip resistant finish, created through the broadcasting of quartz aggregate. It has been specifically designed for areas that are frequently exposed to liquids or other contaminants that cause a slippery surface making it ideal for a busy commercial kitchen environment.

The services and installation programme that were provided by The National Flooring Company meant that the client could relax safe in the knowledge that they would receive a new kitchen floor with only one day of closure to avoid disappointing their guests and frequent diners.


James Bowie, General Manager Comments

“National Flooring have been prompt, professional and delivered a great product. The pre-installation planning was clear and informative and the install was on time and to a very high standard. Both our kitchen brigade and our hygiene consultant have been thoroughly impressed with the overall quality of the product provided”.

Creating a seamless finish between your floor and wall

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Be At One Flooring Installation

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Jason Mitchell Photography 07794 378575

Be At One

Installation Requirements
With 31 bars currently located throughout the UK, Be at One offers city goers a chic and stylish cocktail venue.

The bars are located in busy city locations and frequently get a build-up of liquids behind the bar which cannot always be addressed until the end of the shift. As a result, the existing vinyl floors kept failing and therefore Be at One decided they needed to find a long term flooring solution that would fully tank the areas.

Why National Flooring
The Degafloor QT system which is installed with a coved skirting creates a flawless, and impervious finish which will hold any liquid spilt throughout the shift until it can be removed, without having any detrimental effect on the floor. The product cures fully within two hours of installation and therefore works can be completed with minimal disruption on either new developments or refurbishment projects.

The National Flooring Company offer a wide range of colours and therefore the client created a bespoke finish that was tailored to their needs and to fit in with the theme of their bars and existing décor.

Martin Scigulinsky from Be at One comments

“After using National Flooring on a couple of projects we decided we liked the Degafloor product and the ease of dealing with the
installation teams and how they work. The installations are always good and very slick, we will definitely be using them again”.

Wow your customers with bespoke flooring designs

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Hoye07_-4636bCreate striking floor finishes that set you aside from your competitors. At The National Flooring Company we offer a bespoke sample making service that allows our clients to create unique floor finishes that make premises really stand out from the crowd!

  • Include corporate brand colours within your floor
  • Use floor colours to complement the interior décor of your premises
  • Create patterns and shapes
  • Demark areas with contrasting colours
  • Match to existing floor finishes

A floor alone can help transform any outlet and with striking, bespoke designs, The National Flooring Company can help you to establish a unique look to brighten up the summer .

We offer an endless range of finishes available from simple colours, to patterns or even a glitter finish to add a bit of sparkle.

As well as creating bespoke designs we can also match to current surroundings and existing floor finishes including vinyl, terrazzo and ceramic tiles. With our free bespoke sample making service we can help you to achieve your ideal, flawless finish.

Whatever your challenge, we have a fast fitting solution that can be tailored to your requirements

Call us on 01778 343670 to request your bespoke sample.

Stepping in to the future of flooring… Reduced maintenance

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

IMG_3739resin flooring industrial flooringFloor finishes such as carpets, tiles and vinyl sheet are still being used in high footfall environments despite the frequent need for maintenance. Although first fit costs are lower, the costs associated with repair and maintenance makes these traditional finishes more expensive in the long term. Resin solutions provide the ideal alternative by enabling a seamless, durable floor with endless design possibilities.

What we can offer:

  • Contemporary bespoke floor finishes: Colours and patterns can be created to suit your requirements.
  • Seamless solutions that do not exhibit weak spots often associated with tiles, vinyl and carpet: Maintenance costs are significantly reduced.
  • Leading products that cure fully within 2 hours of installation: Fast and efficient installations with minimal disruption.
  • Exceptionally hardwearing flooring solutions: A long lasting solution for high footfall environments.
  • Outstanding bond to concrete, steel, tiles and marine ply combined with a unique chemical bond between layers: An extremely durable, monolithic solution.

FEMALE_13resin flooring industrial flooring DSCF0025resin flooring industrial flooring DSC_0061resin flooring industrial flooring DSC_0002 resin flooring industrial flooring

Video – The proof you really can drive a forklift truck over our floors within 2 hours!

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

People still don’t believe us when we tell them that after 2 hours of installation our MMA floors are fully cured and ready for full use. We therefore decided to film a real time installation to prove it.

Hardwearing floors ready for use within just 2 hours!

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Resin floors are well known for their durability, however most people do not realise that MMA floors can be fully trafficked after just 2 hours of installation. Most people also do not realise that fully trafficked means that whatever you plan to do in 2 weeks you can do after just 2 hours and yes that even means running a forklift truck over it!

Unlike other resin flooring systems, MMA resins will cure FULLY within 2 hours and at a range of temperatures. Polyurethane and Epoxy resins have different curing periods and can take up 7 days to achieve a full cure. They are also temperature dependant and therefore this can have an effect on their curing time.

As well as a range of MMA systems we can also provide a range of fast curing underlay screeds and repair mortars to ensure your flooring refurbishment can be completed with minimal disruption.

resin flooring Degafloor at Quick Dry Foods

resin flooring DSCN0280

resin flooring Picture 081

Video – See How Quick & Efficient Our Floors Are Laid – Installation COOP

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Audio Transcription

This is one of the many installations we do, with the Co-Op in Lincolnshire. Yesterday the existing concrete slab was repaired by our shock blaster to create a key and remove any surface contamination.

It is essential to remove any excess dust from the concrete slab, in the way of sweeping and vacuum.

Once the sweeping and vacuum process is out of the way the floor is now ready to be primed, operatives mix the resins and the curing agents ready to prime the floor. The primer is applied by brush and roller. But alternatively can be applied with a squeagy.

If adequately primed, the floor will have a glaze on it. Once the primer has gone off, we will be addressing the joints. Flexible joining compound is inserted inside the joints and leveled about to define the degree of movement.

The body coat resins are thoroughly mixed with the aggregate powder, this thickens the mixture and also provides durability. Then pigment is added, which gives the resin it’s colour.

The body coat mixture is poured onto the floor and using a pin rake is leveled out to the desired thickness we then use a spike roller to remove any air from the resin, which could potentially cause pinhole marks.

Once leveled the floor is fully scattered with Decker Floor Flakes, chosen by the client. Once that is cured, the flakes are lightly sanded to remove any rough edges. Once that is done, the floor is swept and vacuumed to remove any excess flake and dust ready for the floor to be sealed.

Sealing is the final process, and the seal is mixed with the curing agents and the first coat of seal is applied with a brush and a roller. Once the first seal coat is fully cured, the floor is slightly sanded and once again any excess is swept away.

The second and final coat of seal is applied and within the hour the floor will be fully cured and ready for you.

10 things to check on your flooring quotes

Monday, December 7th, 2015

photo-7--edited resin flooring industrial flooringOver the last few weeks we have highlighted different topics that are often misunderstood with regards to resin flooring systems. Here is a reminder of the things to look out for on your quotes.

  1. How long will the floor take to cure?
  • Different resin flooring systems have different curing times (which are often temperature dependant) and these vary in relation to the trafficking ability. Always check that your operational processes are suitable within the defined parameters of each stage.
  1. Does the slip resistance of the system specified correlate to production conditions?
  • Most suppliers of flooring products will provide slip test data in dry conditions but not in wet!
  1. Is the floor system specified suitable for your environment?
  • There are a wide range of flooring systems that vary in thickness, ask the supplier the life expectancy of the floor under operating conditions. Ask for data sheets.
  1. How long will the floor installation take?
  • Always ask for the installer to advise on the installation programme to enable you to work around production / operating procedures. Ensure to look for curing conditions against temperature.
  1. Does the price reflect the correct installation period? i.e Days, Nights, Weekends?
  • Always check how the work has been priced. It may have been priced for standard daytime working with an extra over for night or weekend working.
  1. Does the price reflect the work required?
  • Qualify any extra over prices  to ensure you are getting what you require and are expecting.
  1. Always check the terms and conditions to ascertain what has and hasn’t been included within the quotation.
  1. Does the quote state the substrate requirements?
  • New screeds / concrete bases will vary in curing times. The flooring contractor will need to ensure the compressive strength and moisture content is sufficient to guarantee a bond and validate the warranty.
  1. Ask to see a draft warranty to ensure you are clear what is and what isn’t covered within the contract.
  1. Ask for client references!

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Resin Flooring Not Only for Production Areas – Yes even in the cold store !

Monday, September 14th, 2015

commercial flooring resin Picture 085 2-0eea1f93We understand that production areas are a high priority in a factory environment. It is therefore essential that the floor finishes are up to industry standard & a resin floor finish can be ideally suited to meet your requirements.

However did you know that due to the flexibility with regards to colours & finishes a resin floor can be the ideal alternative to more traditional finishes in most areas of your premises? Our resins can cure right down to temperatures of -30ºC, which means that we can install resin floors in cold stores.
In the list below you will see several areas we can install in, for instance canteens, which has its own specific requirements, as do all the areas below.

Typical installation areas include:

  • Processing Areas (Wet & Dry)
  • Reception Areas
  • Corridors
  • Offices
  • Changing Rooms
  • Canteens
  • Packaging Areas
  • Chemical Storage Areas
  • Cold Stores
  • Plant Rooms
  • Warehouses
  • Laboratories

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