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National Flooring are on fire!!!!

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

resin flooring installation fire engine Hastings Bohemia Road JPEG_1 EditEast Sussex Fire & Rescue has been established since 1997 and provides prevention, protection and response services to over 800,000 people in East Sussex and the City of Brighton & Hove. The Fire Authority manages 27 fire stations and has been updating their floors to maximise safety with the help of The National Flooring Company.

The Fire Authority has been working with The National Flooring Company for the last 10 years to ensure their stations are compliant when it comes to Health and Safety by installing durable, slip resistant flooring in their appliance bays. A total of 13 stations have been completed to date.

Most of the stations still had their original tiled flooring that were not providing adequate slip resistance in wet conditions. The Authority also had concerns over the durability of the tiles which were often breaking up due to the weight of the appliances, weighing on average between 12-13 tonnes.

The Degafloor FB system, recommended and installed by The National Flooring Company, offers the ideal solution for appliance bays because it is highly durable and slip resistant, even when floors are regularly exposed to wet and oily liquids, and can be installed with minimum disruption and downtime.

The Degafloor range of products are based on MMA resins which are thermoplastics and will achieve a chemical bond between each installation layer, resulting in a monolithic finish. Each new layer chemically fuses to the previous layer (or existing subfloor) creating a virtually unbreakable bond. This unique chemical bonding processes means that the resins can be applied directly onto the original tiles without having to remove them, providing they are securely fixed. This offers an exceptional time saving benefit for fire stations which only have small windows for refurbishment. For areas where tiles are broken and in need of repair The National Flooring Company can install a quick curing Degafloor repair mortar which again reduces time on refurbishment projects.

The Fire Service had made it very clear from the start that time was an issue when undertaking any refurbishment projects as the appliances cannot be stored out of the bays overnight or for any long periods of time.  All of the Degafloor products are fully cured within just 2 hours of installation allowing the fire engines to be stored back in the bays at the end of the day.

The National Flooring Company has continued to develop their relationship with East Sussex Fire Authority and has recently completed two more station flooring refurbishments at Battle and Hastings.

Durable resin flooring installed with minimum disruption and downtime

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

resin flooring installation fire engine Hastings Bohemia Road JPEG_8 EditSpecialist flooring systems for The Emergency Services

The National Flooring Company is a recognised leader in the supply and installation of resin flooring and has a well established reputation for providing The Emergency Services with the fastest, safest and strongest flooring solutions.

  • Fully functional floors in just two hours to minimise disruption and downtime
  • Hardwearing aggregates withstand heavy appliances and provide a non-slip finish
  • An exceptional bond to different substrates means we can overlay various floor finishes, including tiles, further minimising disruption
  • A seamless finish minimises the risk of failure and maximises hygiene
  • Onsite consultations and surveys ensure we identify the right solution for you
  • Tailored installation programmes to minimise disruption and downtime
  • Demarcation and tyre track marking to assist with parking

We’re currently helping East Sussex Fire Authority ensure their stations are Health and Safety compliant by installing durable, slip resistant flooring in their appliance bays.  A total of 13 stations have been completed so far.

National Flooring gets cosy with popular local hotel

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

resin floor installers kitchens and hotels ACS_9393a

Situated in the idyllic County of Rutland, Barnsdale Lodge Hotel has been featured in the Sunday Telegraph’s ‘Fifty of Britain’s Cosiest Hotels’ as a popular choice for short stays as well as a serene wedding/party venue.

Steeped in over 250 years of history, Barnsdale Lodge Hotel offers a taste of country living at its very best. Located in the heart of the rolling English countryside and surrounded by Rutland Water Reservoir, the hotel is a tranquil rural haven, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Offering exquisite culinary delights, ranging from a la carte dinner menus and afternoon teas the executive head chef and team are busy and constantly on the move, therefore needing a fully functional, hard wearing non-slip floor.

Their existing quarry tiled floor was in need of an update and the client felt that the slip resistance wasn’t up to industry standards, therefore The National Flooring Company were asked by Ed Burrows, Managing Director to come up with an ideal solution that would work for them.

As a popular hotel and wedding venue, the demands on the kitchen are high and therefore the client was in need of a product that would minimise the downtime of the staff and cause as little disruption to them and their serving times. Following in-depth discussions, it was agreed that the installation would be undertaken over two back to back shifts meaning that the kitchen would only have to close for one day and one night. As part of the installation package The National Flooring Company disconnected, removed and stored all kitchen equipment; reconnecting upon completion.

To maximise the slip resistance of the floor the Degafloor FB system was chosen. The system which is a heavy-duty methyl methacrylate screed provides an outstanding slip resistant finish, created through the broadcasting of quartz aggregate. It has been specifically designed for areas that are frequently exposed to liquids or other contaminants that cause a slippery surface making it ideal for a busy commercial kitchen environment.

The services and installation programme that were provided by The National Flooring Company meant that the client could relax safe in the knowledge that they would receive a new kitchen floor with only one day of closure to avoid disappointing their guests and frequent diners.


James Bowie, General Manager Comments

“National Flooring have been prompt, professional and delivered a great product. The pre-installation planning was clear and informative and the install was on time and to a very high standard. Both our kitchen brigade and our hygiene consultant have been thoroughly impressed with the overall quality of the product provided”.

Creating a seamless finish between your floor and wall

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

The National Flooring Company sends pupils on holiday

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

c7cf6ce7-02c2-48a5-8f7b-23f702ddd0b7Every year The National Flooring Company donates money to a local organisation which has provided a service that helps to benefit the local community. Since 2011 the company has chosen to continue their support to the Phoenix School in Orton Goldhay, who take great pride in the quality of education and learning resources that they provide to the children of Peterborough.

The Phoenix school, rated outstanding by Ofsted, is a mixed day special school for children who have learning difficulties which may be severe or profound and multiple. The school opened in 2004 and caters for children aged between two and nineteen years of age. Due to financial constraints, the school is very reliant upon private sponsorship to help provide the latest resources and teaching equipment.

The National Flooring Company was initially made aware of the school by one of their Governors who explained the schools aims and achievements. The school’s continued commitment to developing their pupils by helping them to reach their full potential in both an educational and social setting is beyond commendable.

The school places a strong emphasis on educational visits and often organise trips to local places to help provide the students with a wide variety of experiences, all of which help with their educational and social development. The first donation made by The National Flooring Company in 2011 was used towards the purchase of a new minibus to transport the students and the following year the donation was used to help with the running costs of the vehicle.

The National Flooring Company recognised the benefits that were achieved through these donations and have continued to support the school. To further assist in the development of the students and to offer some respite for their families the school takes 15 pupils each year, starting in the spring term after Easter, to Kelling Heath where they hire lodges and caravans. Each holiday, which lasts from Monday to Friday, involves visits to local attractions and exploring on the beaches and is supported by the staff of the school who give their time willingly. The holidays are offered to all families irrespective of need, cultural background or disability. For most families, this might be the only respite they get and the sponsorship provided allows all pupils to be involved, regardless of financial situations.

Phil Pike, Head teacher at Phoenix School comments, “There is no disputing the fact without this invaluable support provided by The National Flooring Company we would not be in a position to run as many holiday weeks as we do, reaching and supporting as many families as we do allowing parents to re-charge their batteries. Holidays are so important for everyone’s emotional wellbeing and even more so for Phoenix children.”

Robert Brown, Managing Director of The National Flooring commented, “The work that the Phoenix School does for the children of Peterborough never ceases to amaze me. I have always been a strong advocate for supporting local organisations that make a difference within our community and this school is more than deserving of our support. I am thrilled that our donations can continue to help the good work that the school delivers in developing their students and supporting their families.”



Taking control of all your flooring requirements… Gourmet Game

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016


:: Installation requirements

The National Flooring Company were approached by Gourmet Game, a company based in Boston, Lincolnshire, that specialise in the wholesale of game products.

Following the decision to buy a new premises the owner contacted The National Flooring Company for some advice on a suitable resin floor finish for various areas within their new manufacturing unit including the chiller room and cutting room.

The client had concerns with regards to the suitability of the existing substrate and therefore as part of the initial consultation The National Flooring Company undertook strength tests on the concrete. The results highlighted that the substrate did not have the compressive strength needed to accept a resin floor and therefore a new screed would need to be installed.

:: Why National Flooring?

To avoid any split responsibility, Gourmet Game asked The National Flooring Company to take responsibility for the installation of the screed. Ardex A35, a polymer screed, was installed which then required a cure time of three days.

As part of the project scope the client had also requested that new drainage was included. With assistance from drainage partners, Component Developments, who manufactured the specialist drainage, The National Flooring Company were able to install the drainage as  part of the package.

The client had decided that Polyurethane was the appropriate system for the factory floor due to its hard wearing properties and ease of cleaning and as a result Altrocrete Excel HF at 6mm thick was chosen.

The full installation, including screeding, drainage and the resin flooring application was completed in 5 days ensuring that Gourmet Game could continue the fit out and open their new premises without delay.

An education in resin flooring…New College Stamford Project

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

new-college-stamford-feature-image-1In one of the more modernized areas of the small historical town of Stamford, Lincolnshire, New College Stamford offers education and training to over 2,000 students every year providing a huge range of courses to suit everyone – A Levels, vocational, part-time adult courses, apprenticeships, higher education and professional training for businesses tailored to both individuals and employers.

Having previously worked with Derbyshire based contractor Wildgoose Construction on many projects over the years, Wildgoose asked The National Flooring Company to assist with the resin floor finishes required on the project. The project included a range of areas within the college all of which had varying requirements.

A seal system had already been specified for the teaching workshops. As a result, The National Flooring Company were able to install the Resdev Pumaseal PC system. The system which is a coloured polyurethane floor sealant can be used as a dustproofer and to add a coloured gloss finish to tired / dull concrete. Following strict Health & Safety regulations, line marking and stencils were also applied to demark walkways.

The client was experiencing difficulties refurbishing their current Granwood Flooring and was looking for a bold yet simple solution. To save on refurbishment costs the client did not want to remove the existing Granwood floor. The Degafloor range has an excellent bond to many different substrates however certain wooden floor finishes often contain solvents which can react with the resins. To avoid any potential complications, The National Flooring Company undertook several bond tests which successfully adhered to the floor. Subsequently, the Degafloor Freeflow system, a monocolour finish, was proposed as a viable solution for the area. To ensure the client was happy with the decision a sample of the floor was laid as a trial which was then followed by the complete installation totalling 420m2.

Simon Oak of Wildgoose Construction” Wildgoose Construction have worked with National Flooring on many contracts in the past, and always found them to offer a first class product and service. At New College, Stamford, National Flooring advised on the best flooring solution for the operations being carried out in the new extension, and carried out the work in a safe and timely manner. We will definitely be using National Flooring again”.

National Flooring provide resilient floor for London Brewery

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Expansion joint for complementaryThe National Flooring Company have provided a fit for purpose floor for London based brewery, Truman’s.

Truman’s were looking for a resilient floor that would stand up to the busy life of a brewery, and turned to The National Flooring Company for advice.

Jasper Hossack of Truman’s comments

“The National Flooring Company were absolutely perfect the whole way through the process. They gave us a great quote and did the install with speed, precision and care. Our flooring has a hard old life and has stood up to everything the brewers have thrown at it!”

The benefits of having a resin floor in a production area and therefore ideal for the brewery are:

  • Tailored slip resistance
  • Seamless finishes for excellent hygiene
  • Can be laid to falls for access to drainage systems
  • Quick curing flooring to reduce down time

All of these benefits helped The National Flooring Company and Truman’s Brewery find the perfect finish

Car park maintenance made easy – Simple to use pothole repair kits

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

If you suffer with potholes around your car park we can offer a simple and cost effective solution.

Degafloor’s Degafill pothole repair kits are an inexpensive and extremely easy to use product that makes car park maintenance easy. With only 4 components and minimal tools required it can be installed rapidly by just one man, thus avoiding the cost associated with alternative systems which can require the use of hot works and / or expensive equipment.

Within as little as 30 minutes the areas are ready to use.

Benefits of the Degafill pothole kits include:

  • Fast curing permanent solution
    Ready to use within 20 minutes, no need to repair again year after year
  • Totally impervious
    Will not suffer freeze / thaw damage and failure
  • Easy to install
    Minimum tools required, no need to compact; available in bulk and kit form
  • Cold applied
    None of the health and safety issues associated with hot trades, no big vehicles, minimised environmental impact
  • Excellent UV light and thermal resistance
    Crack free performance and colour stability all year round

Wow your customers with bespoke flooring designs

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Hoye07_-4636bCreate striking floor finishes that set you aside from your competitors. At The National Flooring Company we offer a bespoke sample making service that allows our clients to create unique floor finishes that make premises really stand out from the crowd!

  • Include corporate brand colours within your floor
  • Use floor colours to complement the interior décor of your premises
  • Create patterns and shapes
  • Demark areas with contrasting colours
  • Match to existing floor finishes

A floor alone can help transform any outlet and with striking, bespoke designs, The National Flooring Company can help you to establish a unique look to brighten up the summer .

We offer an endless range of finishes available from simple colours, to patterns or even a glitter finish to add a bit of sparkle.

As well as creating bespoke designs we can also match to current surroundings and existing floor finishes including vinyl, terrazzo and ceramic tiles. With our free bespoke sample making service we can help you to achieve your ideal, flawless finish.

Whatever your challenge, we have a fast fitting solution that can be tailored to your requirements

Call us on 01778 343670 to request your bespoke sample.

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