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Creating a seamless finish between your floor and wall

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Seamlessly hygienic flooring solutions

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

DSC_1724 resin flooring industrial flooringMaintaining a hygienic and sterile environment can often be hard to achieve. Unlike vinyl or tiled finishes, a resin flooring system is seamless and therefore offers a more sanitary solution. Floor finishes that have grouted joints or welded seams can often become hard to maintain and keep clean which increases the risk of bacteria. Our seamless flooring solutions combined with the correct cleaning and maintenance regime can reduce these risks and provide longer lasting floors.

Benefits include:

Seamless floors
Hygienic / sanitary and easy to maintain

Outstanding bonding technology
Longer lasting floors and reduced maintenance

Impervious finish
Liquids / chemicals cannot penetrate the surface and affect the sub floor

Exceptional chemical resistance
Ideal for use in busy production areas or controlled clean rooms

2 hour cure time
Minimal downtime and disruption

DSC_1654 resin flooring industrial flooring IMG_9604 resin flooring industrial flooring

DSCF0038 resin flooring industrial flooring DSCF0039 resin flooring industrial flooring

A fast cure to your flooring problems

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

commercial flooring resin Picture 085 2-0eea1f93As specialists in the application of resin flooring solutions to the food and drink processing sector, National Flooring has gained extensive knowledge of the industry’s requirements. Through years of experience, National Flooring has tailored their product range to provide turnkey solutions to incorporate the features that are commonly required in a flooring refurbishment, allowing National Flooring to offer a complete package.


Within such a demanding industry the time to complete floor refurbishments is often limited and as a result National Flooring has chosen to specialise in the application of quick curing resin flooring products. Due to the busy, industrial environment of a working factory it is not uncommon for floors to become damaged and require maintenance. National Flooring can complete concrete repairs quickly and efficiently with fast curing repair mortars.

As well as fast curing resin flooring systems, National Flooring can also supply and install fast curing underlay screeds for areas where the existing substrate needs leveling or when falls need to be created.

From concrete repairs, underlay screeds, bunding, drainage and resin flooring systems we can provide turn-key solutions to solve all your flooring requirements and by specialising in the application of quick curing products our installations can be completed with minimal disruption to manufacturing hours.

For further information or to arrange a site survey to assess your flooring requirements please contact us on 01778 343670.

National Flooring launches new sector brochures

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

commercial flooring resin Retail brochure-d01826d4With resin flooring becoming increasingly popular, National Flooring decided it was time to create a new range of brochures that are specifically developed for the retail, education, leisure and food and drink manufacturing sectors. Using innovative design, testimonials and a selection of photographs, the brochures showcase the company’s knowledge and experience within the different industry groups.


Working directly with clients, contractors, architects and specifiers, National Flooring has become a trusted resin flooring specialist within a wide range of sectors. As a result the company decided to produce industry specific brochures that have been contrived to incorporate the significant benefits that a resin flooring solution can provide to each individual sector.


Over the years, National Flooring has worked with a carefully selected group of suppliers and can offer a versatile range of systems suited to most industrial and commercial environments. As specialists in quick curing MMA resin floors, National Flooring can install purposely tailored systems, with minimal disruption to your business.


To obtain a copy of the company’s new brochures or for further information on the benefits a resin floor can provide for you, please call National Flooring on 01778 343670 or alternatively

A well engineered floor

Monday, June 20th, 2011

commercial flooring resin Picture 007-76537588Destec Engineering Ltd, designers and manufacturers of high pressure pipe connectors for the oil and gas industry were looking for a hard wearing floor finish for their manufacturing facility in Lincoln. Having considered the possibility of a resin floor they contacted The National Flooring Company Ltd to discuss the options available to them.


The company have a fully equipped machine workshop where their products are made. Due to the manufacturing processes involved, Destec Engineering Ltd was looking for a hardwearing floor finish that could withstand their daily activities and that was easy to maintain.


Following a comprehensive consultation and site survey, National Flooring specified the Degafloor QT system. The system incorporates a mix of resin and aggregate, which is trowel applied at a nominal thickness of 4mm to provide an extremely durable. The texture of the system can be varied to suit requirements and as the manufacturing at the facility is a dry process, additional seal coats were applied to provide a smoother finish. The Degafloor QT system is well suited for dry manufacturing areas and is capable of withstanding the most demanding engineering environments.


As with all Degafloor products the QT system cures fully within just two hours of installation, meaning that National Flooring could work with Destec Engineering Ltd to install the floor at a time most suited to their requirements. The area which totalled 350m2 was completed in one weekend and was fully cured before the Monday, meaning the company could continue production as usual with no disruption.


Mike Ferry, Destec Engineering Ltd, ”When our new factory extension was completed, we decided to go for a quality flooring that would stand out and really compliment the new extension. We required a hard wearing, slip resistant floor that would last us years. We contacted National Flooring who gave a great service from start to finish. Plus they laid the floor over a weekend with no disruption. “


For further information please contact National Flooring on 01778 343670.

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