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Creating a seamless finish between your floor and wall

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Seamlessly hygienic flooring solutions

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

DSC_1724 resin flooring industrial flooringMaintaining a hygienic and sterile environment can often be hard to achieve. Unlike vinyl or tiled finishes, a resin flooring system is seamless and therefore offers a more sanitary solution. Floor finishes that have grouted joints or welded seams can often become hard to maintain and keep clean which increases the risk of bacteria. Our seamless flooring solutions combined with the correct cleaning and maintenance regime can reduce these risks and provide longer lasting floors.

Benefits include:

Seamless floors
Hygienic / sanitary and easy to maintain

Outstanding bonding technology
Longer lasting floors and reduced maintenance

Impervious finish
Liquids / chemicals cannot penetrate the surface and affect the sub floor

Exceptional chemical resistance
Ideal for use in busy production areas or controlled clean rooms

2 hour cure time
Minimal downtime and disruption

DSC_1654 resin flooring industrial flooring IMG_9604 resin flooring industrial flooring

DSCF0038 resin flooring industrial flooring DSCF0039 resin flooring industrial flooring

National Flooring provides a secure solution

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

commercial flooring resin IMGP3958v1-bbd4effaA number of organisations throughout the UK are developing community based residential services to provide individuals with severe learning disabilities the opportunity to live independently. The individuals that live within these housing facilities often have complex restrictive behaviours that can include self-injury. To enable the residents to live within a safer environment the homes are continually assessed and adapted to suit the needs of each person. With traditional floor finishes proving unsuitable, The National Flooring Company has been providing a more suitable solution with resin.


Traditional floor finishes that are commonly used within a residential environment including vinyl, carpet and tiles do not chemically bond to the substrate and as a result can be easily removed. On a number of occasions The National Flooring Company has been approached by housing organisations and hospitals when the residents have continued to remove the floor coverings. This not only becomes costly but can also put the resident or others at risk.


The National Flooring Company specialise in the installation of MMA resin flooring solutions which are well known for their chemical bonding properties. The systems chemically bond to the substrate to create a secure floor that cannot be lifted without mechanical equipment. As part of the installations a coved skirting is applied to create a completely seamless and impervious floor that becomes tamper proof.


A common misconception with resin floors is that they are industrial and are therefore not very aesthetic. The National Flooring Company offer a bespoke sample making service allowing clients to create decorative and unique finishes that can be tailored to suit an individual’s requirements.


Installing a resin flooring solution not only helps to reduce maintenance costs but also provides a safe and secure environment.  The quick curing resins also ensure that installations can be completed quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption.


Anna Simpson, The National Flooring Company comments, “As a company we have worked clients within various industry sectors for over 10 years who have experienced similar problems. The problem with more traditional floor finishes is that they can be easily removed where as the resin flooring systems we provide are securely bonded to the floor and will remain secure for many years to come. In most cases the solution is simple and the works can be completed with minimal disruption.”


For further information please contact National Flooring on 01778 343670.

National Flooring takes care of Marie Curie

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

commercial flooring resin 1212006710016-eaf47ad2Marie Curie Cancer Care is a charity organisation which offers support to patients, carers and families. The hospice in Solihull which provides pivotal care for cancer patients decided to upgrade their facilities and build a new hospice to provide a purpose-built facility to enable their staff to care for their patients in better surroundings.


The development was partially financed through fundraising £10 million and therefore a large amount of time was spent to ensure that all the products and services to be used within the project were suitable and would complement the new hospice’s state of the art facilities. The hospice not only offers 24 bedrooms for in patient care but also day services and support for families. The catering facilities therefore played a fundamental role in the development and meant that choosing a suitable floor finish for this area was essential.


There was a vast amount of pre-construction engagement with Marie Curie, their architects and the employees of Marie Curie on the selection process to ensure that all involved were happy with the chosen product. An existing client referred The National Flooring Company’s products and services to Marie Curie who subsequently asked to view an existing installation with their Architect to both view the product in a live environment and the standard of workmanship. Both the client and architect were satisfied with the installation and therefore wanted to discuss the project further.


The Degafloor FB system is a textured floor finish that was specified to provide adequate slip resistance in the kitchen environment. The client was aware that the texture of the system would mean adapting their cleaning regime and therefore asked their Commissioning Officer and Head Chef at the existing Solihull site to become involved with the selection. As a part of this process The National Flooring Company arranged for the team at Marie Curie to view another installation near the local area to view the floor in a live kitchen environment. To demonstrate the recommended cleaning regime The National Flooring Company arranged for them to view the clean down process at the venue.


Once all stakeholders were in agreement The National Flooring Company were specified for the project. As the project had to go through a tender process to allocate a Main Contractor, The National Flooring Company stayed in close contact with the client and all main contractors throughout the process. In May 2011 Willmott Dixon were chosen as the preferred contractors.


Throughout the development The National Flooring Company attended pre contracts meetings with Willmott Dixon to understand their requirements and devise a working programme that would cause minimal disruption to the other trades and provide all the necessary Health and Safety requirements.


The project showcases The National Flooring Company’s ability to provide high levels of customer service at every stage of the development and manage a process where a number of stakeholders are involved. It also demonstrates the company’s abilities as a well educated and experienced flooring contractor that pays particular attention to individual’s requirements and the capability to coordinate them in a managed process to everyone’s satisfaction.


Kieran Danby, Willmott Dixon comments, “During the construction stage the working relationship, understanding of the difficult logistics and our restrictive programme were managed efficiently and effectively. The National Flooring Company’s openness and understanding of resource levels and programme durations allowed other trades on site to be managed effectively and by working together we were able to resolve the difficult access restrictions without incurring any additional costs. I would certainly recommend The National Flooring Company based on our experience on this project and look forward to working with the company again.”


For further information please contact National Flooring on 01778 343670

Hygienic flooring solutions for healthcare

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

commercial flooring resin DSC_0004---edited-ced5fb47The planning and design of mortuary and post mortem facilities can be challenging, particularly when choosing the correct flooring solution. The floors need to provide high levels of hygiene to prevent the spread of bacteria and remain slip resistant under wet conditions. With frequent cleaning regimes, the floor must be easy to maintain and extremely hardwearing.


Floor finishes which are commonly installed within these demanding areas include, ceramic and terrazzo tiles as well as vinyl, however each offer limitations which impair their suitability within these environments. Very rarely do these systems provide the required slip resistance in wet conditions and can pose a slip hazard to employees. Grouted joints and seams are extremely hard to clean and maintain, providing an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Floor finishes can frequently fail at seams and joints as they create weak spots, as a result maintenance is greatly enhanced.


A resin flooring solution can provide the ideal alternative. The floors are seamless and completely impervious leaving nowhere for bacteria to breed. The National Flooring Company specialise in the installation of Degafloor MMA quick curing resins to ensure installations can be completed quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption. The resins can be put to full use within just two hours of installation, this includes cleaning regimes.


The Degafloor FB system, which has been installed at a number of hospitals, is an extremely hardwearing, slip resistant floor finish. The system, which chemically bonds to the substrate, was installed directly over the in situ terrazzo tiles at Barnsley District General Hospital to minimise disruption. To eradicate water pooling issues at Luton and Dunstable Hospital, The National Flooring Company created falls using a fast underlay screed, which was finished with the Degafloor FB system. Both hospitals have greatly benefited from the installations and now have hardwearing, slip resistant and hygienic floors.


Louise McDonald from Luton and Dunstable comments, ““National Flooring gave us the best solution & advice to resolve our problems. The Post Mortem Room was closed for four weeks for refurbishments & staff from National Flooring had to fit into our tight time schedule. The project was fully completed within our agreed dates & all issues relating to the existing floor were removed by our external governance bodies. The Staff are very pleased with the resulting improvements to safety, the floor’s appearance & ease with which it can be cleaned.”


For further information please contact National Flooring on 01778 343670

The perfect treatment for the NHS Foundation Trust

Friday, June 19th, 2009

commercial flooring resin 69a-d8ac4651When the Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust decided to build a new psychiatric unit, the first of its kind in Norfolk, they turned to National Flooring for advice on durable and slip resistant, yet decorative floor finishes.


National Flooring met with Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust and KLH Architects to discuss their requirements for different areas within the unit.


The new state of the art purpose built facility, which is designed to improve the way in which people experience psychiatric intensive care, contains a 10-bed intensive care and 12-bed low secure unit. The single bedrooms, which have en-suite bathrooms, needed a durable and slip resistant floor finish to ensure that the safety of the patients is not compromised.


Having worked previously within similar environments, National Flooring recommended the Degafloor Flake System. The system, which can provide a highly decorative finish, is completely seamless and offers outstanding durability. The guaranteed bond to the sub floor also provides a tamper proof system, which can not be vandalised. An anti-slip finish was incorporated into the seal coat, to improve slip resistance, without affecting the aesthetics.


Aesthetics were high on the agenda for the new unit as all involved were looking to create a spa effect rather than a mental health ward. And the external courtyard gardens were designed exactly with this in mind. The Degafloor Stone Carpet was chosen in two harmonizing colours utilising lilac, black, silver and natural stone. National Flooring created patterns using stainless steel trims and installed the system using lighter and darker variations in contrast.


The system which is trowelled on, using a mix of quartz aggregates bound into a resin matrix, provides an extremely durable and UV stable solution, making it ideal for external applications. To ensure that the system remains slip resistant, even in wet conditions, an anti-slip finish was again incorporated into the seal coat.


National Flooring worked closely with Barnes Construction to ensure that the job was completed with minimal disruption and combined with the 2 hour cure time of theDegafloor products ensured that the installations were completed within short timescales.


Robert Forster, Estates Manager, Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust comments, “The various systems helped us solve some health and safety design issues and eliminate future maintenance concerns.”

Flooring no problem for HMP Norwich

Monday, March 20th, 2006

commercial flooring resin hmp-norwichWhen HMP Norwich needed to renew the flooring in its healthcare centre, estates manager Martin Hanson knew the specific requirements of such a floor were likely to be a challenge.

Having such an important area of the prison out of operation for a long period of time was impractical, so Martin needed a solution which minimised downtime whilst also being totally safe and hygienic.

And after a long and exhaustive search Martin settled on a unique Degafloor solution installed by partners National Flooring.

Martin explains: “Probably the most vital factor is time. If something is likely to take longer than a few days then we can’t do it, so the faster a floor can be down and ready to use, the better. In this case, installing a new floor within the healthcare centre was particularly specialist as it’s such a volatile area.

“Those considerations meant we needed something tough,” says Martin. “That led us to choose a Degafloor FB resin flooring system as it met all our requirements. And what really stood out was the two-hour cure time which meant the floor could be back in use just hours after installation.”

Martin also reported problems with flooding in the past, and this was another reason why Degafloor was right for the application, as the system is totally impermeable and resistant to fluid so will not allow water to seap through causing water damage.

“Overall, I’m really pleased with the quality and finish of the flooring,” concludes Martin. “It is exactly what we needed, with Degafloor managing to offer a suitable solution to each of the challenges facing us.”

Martin isn’t the only estates manager to have chosen Degafloor – HMYOI Huntercombe, HMP Doncaster, HMP Littlehey, HMP Nottingham and HMP Gloucester have also benefited from using Degafloor resin flooring systems.

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