The National Flooring Company regard environmental issues as a priority and is aware that our business and day-to-day operations have an environmental impact.

In taking responsibility for this our company is committed to an ongoing programme of continuous improvement to maximise our sustainability and minimise our carbon footprint (where possible).

As a part of our ongoing commitment and to support our local community, The National Flooring Company has now registered with the local environmental scheme Investors in the Environment and has achieved the Green status. We look to maintain this standard each year and continually improve on our environmental practices.

All Degafloor materials are manufactured in facilities operating a quality management system to DIN ISO 9001 standards.

Most of our major supplier manufacturing sites operate an environmental management system in line with DIN EN ISO 14001.

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All our major suppliers have publicly committed to reducing their carbon emissions.

All Degafloor products are totally inert and may be used in crushed form as hardcore, or processed as non-hazardous waste.

All Degafloor resins are solvent free, non toxic and contain no physiologically harmful substances (such as isocyanates or bisphenol A).
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