As a resin flooring installation specialist, The National Flooring Company Ltd look to build and maintain firm relationships with all our customers to provide assurance that we will respond efficiently to any flooring requirement. We recognise that our customers have individual requirements, so our service is tailored to suit your needs.

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At The National Flooring Company Ltd we have decided to focus on a concentrated product range to provide a range of solutions that can be suited to any environment whilst providing a consistent level of high quality.

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The National Flooring Company Ltd operate across a wide range of sectors to deliver internal and external resin flooring solutions.

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The National Flooring Company Ltd is a recognised professional in the installation of resin based flooring solutions. Having worked in a vast range of sectors using various flooring products we can provide experienced advice to help solve any flooring problem.

We have a comprehensive understanding of all the floor systems available within the market, including MMA resin floors, Polyurethane and Epoxy floors. This in turn enables us to clearly establish the advantages and disadvantages of each product and define the most appropriate solution accordingly.

A resin flooring system can provide the optimal solution to a wide range of applications in any environment, both internal and external, including food and drink production, food and drink retail, retail, leisure, sports stadia, engineering and manufacturing, education, pharmaceutical and healthcare and the public sector to name a few. With an exceptional product range we have a system that can be tailored to suit any design requirements


The National Flooring Company Ltd works with a wide range of clients and businesses from independent companies to industry leaders. To take a look at some of the clients we are currently working with please click here.

Key Products

reson floor

MMA Resin

MMA, otherwise known as Methyl Methacrylate, is a fast curing resin that can be fully trafficked within just 2 hours of installation. The MMA resin flooring systems are extremely durable and offer the ideal solution for industries with small shutdown windows. The Degafloor range we provide offers a versatile solution to any industrial or commercial application.

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Polyurethane resin flooring systems offer exceptional durability and are ideally suited to industrial applications. They provide higher levels of temperature resistance and are resilient to environments where solvents are used. The Altro range we provide offer different systems at varying levels of thickness to suit the surrounding environment.

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Concrete Repair and underlay screeds

The National Flooring Company Ltd can supply and install fast curing underlay screeds that provide a cost effective solution for uneven or damaged floors requiring an infill or an underlay to form falls. We offer a range of solutions from a 3 day curing screed to a 2 hour curing screed to suit your programme requirements. We can also supply concrete repair packs.

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